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Online Universities in Nigeria

Accredited Online Universities in Nigeria

Online universities are increasingly becoming popular by the day as people become more busy than they usually are. These had led to an influx of these global learning platforms into the world. With the influx, it is important to note which are accredited online universities in Nigeria and which are not before spending your hard earned money. This post would discuss the accredited online universities in Nigeria .


An online university is an online learning environment open to students located in any part of the world and awards a university degree. The students of these universities takes lectures, tutorials and examinations online without even going out of their homes. Simply put, an Online University provides a flexible learning environment on the internet.

Accredited Online Universities in Nigeria

Accredited Online Universities in Nigeria

The advantages that comes with enrolling in an online university is the flexibility of study location and time. With an online university, you only need to be sure if you can spare a few hours a week unlike the brick and mortal university (conventional universities) where you need to spend a lot of time and most importantly, need to attend lectures as stipulated by the school. The disadvantage of these online universities however are: they are costly despite the fact that you’re not paying for accommodation. Also, they are not recognised globally.


This is one of the major drawbacks of online university degree in Nigeria. The National University Commission (NUC) had made it clear that degrees obtained from online universities wouldn’t be recognised in Nigeria. Ironically, Nigeria don’t even have one so this is just referring to degrees from online international schools.

According to Punch, the commissioner Director of Information and Public Relations, Ibrahim Usman Yakasai, said:

“Nigeria will not recognise online degrees. Online degrees are not accepted in Nigeria at the moment; the Nigerian constitution does not even give recognition to such degrees. Those who ran out of Nigeria for study outside this country are those looking for cheaper degrees. It is either they cannot pass the examinations or they do not possess the minimum entry qualifications.”


Since the Nigerian Government isn’t in conformity with it, what next? My advice goes in two ways. If you’re planning on getting it for employment purpose in Nigeria then forget it. In the case where you need it for the sake of knowledge or probably you plan of travelling out and might use it in the foreign country you wish to travel to then you can give it a try.


1. Kaplan University

For Nigerian students who have a tight schedule, this University is a good option for them. With kaplan’s online portal, students can learn easily.

2. Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University has low tuition fees and a comfortable style of learning that can suit your schedule. In this online school, Students can study bachelor, master, PhD programs in wide range of fields including business administration amongst others.

3. Open University Australia

Open university Australia has been recruiting for about 17 years and offer students the opportunity to pursue their education online while implementing strategies that makes for flexible studying. This university offers top quality online graduate and undergraduate programs making each program fit in with the lifestyle and study schedule of students.

4. Strayer University

Strayer university programs are tailored to the lifestyle and schedule of students making it possible for them to combine work and studies easily plus get a world accepted degree.

5. Ashford University

This is an online university that makes use of latest technology to give students a good learning experience.

A lot more of these universities exist and it is best you carryout your background work before commiting to any.

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Updated: August 20, 2017 — 6:04 pm

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