Nigerian Wedding Websites, Top 10 in Nigeria

Nigerian Wedding Websites, Top 10 in Nigeria

Inspired by a post on a friends website, we at NaijaQuest decided to come up with the best blogs / website in Nigeria for Wedding things.
Around here we love to party, celebration galore and wedding is one of the most loved parties.

You may need to visit this websites / blog probably to get creative, beautiful and latest wedding ideas or wedding plans.
Or If its wedding publicity you are after, they are a good place to start from.
How we choose the website on our ” Top 10 Nigerian Wedding Websites in Nigeria ” list. Their Popularity, How People Visit Them, Google and Alexa ranking of their website / blog, quality of their photography and creativity.

1. Bellanaija

Arguably the biggest and the best Nigerian wedding website in Nigeria.
Un BN Weddings, they have With popular tags / categories like #asoebibella, BN Spectacular Weddings, Nollywood Celebrity Weddings, vendor spot light / deals

Sincerely After BellaNaija its a little hard separating the rest on our list, they are top notch and they there work with the touch of professionals, focused on weddings and related events with little difference from each other

{ still on Top 10 Nigerian Wedding Websites, Nigerian Wedding Blog list}



As the name denotes, is more of a blog you visit for all about wedding how to.


Allaboutnaijaweddings are more like an online aggregator for Nigerian wedding vendors and organizers

There you have it for ” Nigerian Wedding Websites, Top 10 in Nigeria ” share your thought, additions and suggestions with usnthrough the comment box and like us on facebook @ or follow us on twitter @ . Thanks for reading.


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