Hey buddies, this will be an interesting moment. As we will be doing a bit exegesis on the Nigerian people and culture. For every country of the world, they have their own precepts and prospect how every one of the tribes and diverse ethnicities in the country does their thing. The common thing to most African countries is the diversity in culture and traditions.

There is some nation of the world that maintain relatively few ethnicity and tribes which makes most of these nations less sophisticated compared to Africa country and today, we will be looking deep into the affairs of the giant of Africa the culture and traditions which is one of the best countries in the continent of Africa. Let us take a little adventure.

Nigerian People And Culture – All You Need To Know

  • Nigeria As A Country In Africa

The country Nigeria never come into existence not until the British empire colonies Nigeria and a named for the country was named after the dominating Niger river as put forward in the year 1980s by a journalist from British whose name is Flora Shaw and later used in the year 1914. The name Nigeria is from a Latin word to connote Black.

This nation has existed as individual settlement and not as a country then but it was late amalgamated and then share boundaries with other Africa Countries.

  • Nigeria And Ethnic Groups

Nigeria is a country that has an interwoven ethnic group, it was last stated that there over 250 ethnic groups in the country outside the number of other smaller groups. But predominantly, there are major ethnic groups that occupy nearly all they are of the country and they are Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa which can be referred to as the South, the East, and North as a result of the geographical location they occupy in the terrain of the country.

As earlier mentioned, these ethnic groups existed on their own without inference or referred to as a country but as a result of the colonial master who masterminded the amalgamation of the whole ethnic groups to exist as one country. Despite the amalgamation, there has never been a time where the whole country agrees to be of the same culture, tribe, or traditional belief in a fact to make matters worst every of the ethnic always teach their children and children the history of the country and how their journey all started.

Geographical Location Of Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the West African countries, this country has an area of 923,769 square kilometers which can be seen to be two times in California. It shares a border in the west by the Benin Republic, on the eastern coast by the Guinea Gulf and in the north by Chad and the Niger Republic and finally in the east by Cameroon.

  • Nigerian People And Culture

Just as we already know this nation is a multi-facet ethnic base country, there are different cultures that you can observe in this country which range from culture to culture we will be writing generally based in the 3 major ethnic group dominating the country.

  • Yoruba

This tribe is characterized by the affection for natural artifacts and attire. In this area, you can see the making of different cloths, tie and dye and all sorts of “Aso Ofi” which is the local name for the local account. Also, another common culture with the Yoruba people is hunting. You still see the able men going into deep of the bush to hunt for animals of the wild for food and sell. Also, they are still characterized by the farming system which is both a substantial and commercial way, and they are known to be the highest producer of cocoa that is another source of income to the nation.

Also, from time immemorial these people are to know to be one of the people that cherish culture, they have homage for every one of their acts. There are different tribe under this group which practices different culture and center of attraction to many. This person can majorly find in the southern and western parts of the country.

  • Igbo

This is another major ethnic group in the country, these people are characterized by the culture of majorly farming and craftsmanship. This tribe is more of creating and manufacturing and processing agricultural products and other raw materials got from another tribe of the country. They majorly found in the eastern and western parts of the country.

  • Hausa

These people are majorly rearers and farming. Among this tribe are the Fulanis, Suhab Arab, and Kanuri people. They focus on cattle rearing, goats, sheep among others. Also, they do Arabia farming and crop farming. They can be seen in the northern part of the country.

Traditions Of Nigerian People

There are different traditions in the country that are been a practice which varies from one ethnic group to another.

  • Marriages

The Yoruba people believe in the rightful way of marrying a woman which includes paying the bride price and also the bride is expected to stay off any form of sexual immoralities before her proposing husband pays her bride price. Also, they always write a list of different things to bring alongside while coming for your bride which includes a goat, wine, honey, tubers of yams, gallons of oil, salts, and many others thing that will be given to you on the list.

And for Igbo tradition, they believe the husband will pay for every penny that was spent on the bride till the stage the husband meant her. Also, the husband is to buy different clothes for the parent of the bride, then bring all the items that will be given to him as a bride price which also includes a certain amount of money as it will be agreed by the parents and families of the bride. In Igbo land, the younger lady who has a sister cannot be given for the wedding until the senior sister is engaged and carried out.

Hausa tradition of marriage is different, the bride parent takes charge of all the house utensils to be used by the new couple and foot some of the wedding bills, the groom’s father is the one that is expected to take charge of all the wedding expenses.

  • After Birth Custom In Yoruba Land

In the most home of the newly born wife, the mother of the husband or the wife is expected to come for handling the first babe of the couples so as to teach her how to handle the care for the new baby this is also seen in the Igbo land but not incessant like that of the Yoruba tribe.

  • Apprenticeship In Igbo Land

Most youths in Igboland are mostly sent to their brothers in the urban areas to learn a trade and how to settle themselves down. This always comes with an agreement for the number of years to spent but after the program, the apprentice will be settled by his boss to stand on his own.

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Conclusion On The Nigerian People And Culture

So far so good, we have written so far on the brief history of Nigeria you might not know and also, we have written on the various tribes in Nigeria and we make mention that Nigeria is a country with composite ethnic groups and tribes. Also, we have written on the culture of the major tribes of the country also we written on the traditions that are most common among these tribes.

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