The National Examination Council which is mostly abbreviated to be NECO is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts different external examinations in Nigeria. NECO has since been in existence for a long period of time now and they are rated as one of the best bodies for conducting examinations in Nigeria.

This examination body has several offices in Nigeria, but this article will focus on NECO offices in Lagos State, not only that we are going to show you amazing facts you need to know about the examination body.

NECO Office In Lagos – Contact Address And Phone Number

  • Office: 2, Coker Road, Ilupeju, Lagos
  • Liaison Office: NO.1 Oyetola Idowu Street, off Sura Mogaji Street, Ilupeju, Lagos State.
  • Phone Number: 0806-9232-760, 0805-2218-069, 0805-3318-070, 0812-6886-938, 0812-6886-939, 0818-9342-653.

The National Examination Council is a body that conducts the senior certificate examination in Nigeria between the period of June/July and the General Certificate Examination between December/January. This examination body was founded in the year 1999 and it has served the NCEE, SSCE, JSCE examinations respectively.

NECO was created by Abdusalami Abubakar and he was a former head state of Nigeria, the purpose for him creating this body was to make sure it conducts examinations with a subsidized registration fee to academic candidates in Nigeria. NECO was mandated to take over the National Board of Education Measurement (NBEM) and NECO carried out its first examination in the year 2000.

This examination is headed by a registrar known as Charles Uwakwe, he was appointed by the President to carry out lots of duties to ensure that the system works well. Under section 9(1) of its establishing act, the registrar is in charge of the daily running activities of the board, it has six departments which are headed by a board of directors, departments are namely; Psychometrics, General services, Information, and Communication Technology (ICT), Directorate of Special Duties, these are some of the departments which are in place.

Each of these departments has divisions and governing body which works over it, a team of directors, and the registrar which is the overall head, added to it is the chairman which also assists in governing and taking care of affairs of the board.

Nigeria is a country that is known to conduct a six-year education program for the secondary level. It is split into three years of junior secondary school education and six years of senior school education.

These examinations are split into two, after the first three years, students are to write their JSCE examination while after the second three years students are to write the SSCE examination. These examinations are done for students to know if they qualify for the next level, Mathematics and English Language are compulsory though when going into tertiary institutions, it might not be needed that much for your course.

Apart from all these, there is a National Common Entrance Examination which is conducted in the 6th year of your primary school education, this examination is used in determining if you can fit into the secondary school education program, all these examinations are being carried out carefully and successfully, the examination is carried out in several parts which include Part A – Mathematics and General Science Part B – English and Social Studies, PAPER-II Part A – Quantitative and Vocational Aptitude Part B – Verbal Aptitude. These are the subjects most pupils will write on the day of the examination, while those sitting for the junior and senior secondary examinations are to write the various subjects which they teach them in the classrooms. Before we divert out of the main topic, let’s check out the main topic of the article which is the NECO offices in Lagos and their contact details.

There are several NECO offices in Lagos, the locations are simple and easy to get, you can easily know your way around by asking questions or using your car map.

There are many reasons which you need to visit the NECO offices either to check your result, collect your certificates and many other kinds of stuff, it is located at 2, Coker Road, Ilupeju, Lagos and it has a liaison office which is close to that area at NO.1 Oyetola Idowu Street, off Sura Mogaji Street, Ilupeju, Lagos State. They also have their customer service support which is available 24/7, they are there to assist you in any kind of way about your results, and so many other things. You can call them check out their numbers below 0806-9232-760, 0805-2218-069, 0805-3318-070, 0812-6886-938, 0812-6886-939, 0818-9342-653.

Now let’s give you some facts which you don’t know about the examination body NECO.

NECO Facts

NECO is the only homegrown public examination body in Nigeria under the supervision of Doctor Uwakwe who carried out critical review and assessment of activities, bringing out new policies and programs that will ensure the examination body is run well. The registrar has made many changes to the body and his first task was the initiating of NECO Ethos which was geared at enhancing staff orientation, the ethos which was brought in by him was hinged on

Professionalism, service delivery, Punctuality/timeliness, Client Satisfaction, Precise and Accurate information, Good Attitude, Integrity, Commitment, Zero Tolerance for Impunity and Excellence.

These 10 point ethos is meant to make life easier for those who work in the administration, the registrar has made sure that these 10 points ethe are strictly followed and adhere to. He does not only talk about these ethe but he is guided by them, he believes that these ethe are the bedrock of building a team of dedicated and hardworking staff that share a common vision for the examination body.

The registrar speaks against cheating mostly during the examination, he says if students are being taught well and facilities are being put in place when he sees no reason why they would want to carry out malpractice. Many students have been caught in one way or the other carrying out examination malpractice, like writing on laps, taking mobile phones to halls, piece of papers, hiding them in shoes, and all that. The board has put so many things in place so as to be able to curb all these issues, they have placed security personnel, security cameras, and so many others.

The invigilators which are being put in place are highly trained officials that will make sure things run smoothly and successfully. On assumption in office, Mr. Uwakwe has made sure that the staff’s salary are being paid on time, this was a major complaint that was going on before he came into place and he has made lots of positive changes in the examination body. There has been the accommodation of staff all over the country, staff accommodations have been provided in the southern parts of the country which has made many believe in the restructuring of the examination body. Professor Uwakwe has made positive changes in the NECO examination sector ever since his arrival, there have been tremendous renovations in several places like Adamawa, Zamfara, Osun, Adamawa, Gusau, and Oshogbo.

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In conclusion, NECO has been able to carry out various services in the Nigerian educational system, they have been able to restructure lots of things and make sure they are easy for everyone. This article has given you the contact information and everything you need to know about the NECO offices, we hope you find whatever you are looking for.

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