Nairaland Autos: Buy and sell Fairly Used Cars in Nigeria

Nairaland Autos: Nigeria is a country where the middle and low-income earners make the majority of the population and more than 70% of the people in this category are unable to afford luxurious properties like a brand new car so as a result, most people opt-in for used cars.

Nairaland Autos

Whenever you Google where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria, you would be confused by the arrays of sites that would pop up on your screen as there are numerous sites that claim to sell used cheap cars or even new cars online in Nigeria at the moment.

This post is aimed to help clear that confusion as we would be talking about Nairaland Autos which is an auto section on Nairaland, the ace and most visited online forum in Nigeria.

At Nairaland autos section, car sellers advertise their fairly used cars in Nigeria and cheap cars from Cotonou are mostly advertised there making it a platform of choice, if you are interested in buying a new car, second hand or tokunbo car online. You can also view the prices of cars on Nairaland autos section.

The prices of fairly used cars on Nairaland autos usually vary according to the car seller. The cars are mostly used cars which are for sale by the owners, so there is no consistent price list available for fairly used cars on Nairaland Auto’s section. Though there is the avenue for bargaining of the car price so you don’t have to take what you see as the price of the car on  to be the actual and final cost of the car.

To optimize your use of this platform a search for nairaland cars through Google is best. You would just need to include the state in which you’re residing on,

Examples of such google search could be:

  • Nairaland used cars for sale in Portharcourt
  • Nairaland used cars for sale in Ibadan
  • Nairaland cars for sale in lagos
  • Nairaland used cars for sale in Abuja and so on.

The platform is not only for buyers as you can also sell your fairly used cars on Nairand Autos. All you need to do is simply visit the Nairaland and go to their Auto section. Though you would need to first register on the forum with your email before you can post your car for sale.

When you are posting your car for sale, remember to add necessary contact information so buyers can reach you for negotiations

There’s also chance to run paid advert on Nairaland for more exposure of your car sale post.

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