MTN Play Unsubscribe Code, How To Deactivate MTN Play SMS Services

MTN Play Unsuscribe Code, How To Deactivate MTN Play SMS Services

MTN Play are a list of sms service alert from MTN, which involved receiving sms alerts on your mobile set, these alerts may be on news, motivation, religious quotes, business, match commentary, { the list continues . . .} depending on the one you subscribed to.

As interesting as these services would have been, they are quite annoying especially when you do not subscribe to them in the first place.
To make it more worse, MTN still charge you N100 or N50 weekly or monthly for what you didnt subscribe for, which brought the question – whats the MTN Play subscribion code and how do you deactivate this services from your mobile

There are 5 ways to deactivate MTN Play services Music Plus + and prevent illegal deduction of your credit balance

Option 1: Use the Do Not Disturb Code

  • Text Stop To 2442 { this will stop all unsolicited text messages including MTN Music plus + }
  • Or Text help To 2442 { to stop just some selected annoying text messages }

Option 2: Visit The Do Not Disturb Portal

  • {}

Option 3: Goto Mtn Play portal to deactivate it

  • Steps: type on your browser
  • On the homepage, select My Mtn Play
  • Then click on my subscribtions
  • It will show you the list services subscribed on your line
  • Click on each one to unsubscribe

Option 4: Call MTN Customer care

  • Dial 180 to speak with a customer care representative
  • Request to deactivate all unwanted subscriptions on your line
  • {If want to call them with little waiting time, call late in the day preferably between 12:00 to 6:00 am}

Option 5: Use MTN Play Unsubscribe Code to deactivate the annoying services

  • The easiest way to do this is to take the code that sent you the sms
  • Just Send by sms – STOP ALL to the number
    and also CANCEL ALL to the number
  • For Most 700 is the unscubscribe code

Some of the popular MTN Play services with MTN Play Unsubscribe code are listed below

News & Info

* CNN Breaking News: SMS UFCNN to 700
* CNN Breaking News: SMS CNNBREAK STOP to 700
* CNN Politics: SMS CNNPOL STOP to 700
* CNN Business: SMS CNNBIZ to 700
* CNN Entertainment: SMS CNNENT to 700
* CNN Sport: SMS CNNSPORT to 700
* Learn English Weekky: SMS ULEN to 700
* BBC News: SMS STOP NEWS to 4200
* Local News English: SMS STOP1 to 33555
* Weather Updates OUT512 35070
* Football Updates: SMS STOP to 4080
* Local News Pidgin: SMS ULNPIDGIN to 700
* Local News Yoruba: SMS ULNYORUBA to 700
* Guardian: SMS UGBN to 700
* Forex update: SMS UFOREX to 700
* AFP News: SMS UAFP to 700

Chelsea FC

* Chelsea FC News: SMS UCFC to 700
* Chelsea FC Monthly: SMS NO CFM to 4900
* Chelsea FC Weekly: SMS NO CFW to 4900

Love & Lifestyle

* Love Messages: SMS CANCELLOVE to 33118
* Love Quotes Weekly: SMS UWLQUOTE to 700

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