List of Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria { Only The Best }

List of Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria { Only The Best }

In our quest to serve you with the best and accurate information, we are taking picks among the present trends. One of such trend is online shopping, so we came up with the current best of the best of the list of online shopping sites in Nigeria, taking into consideration the reliability and user experience of customers and people on these sites in addition to the Alexa ranking.

No.1, Alexa ranking 6
No. 2, Alexa ranking 9
No. 3, 25
No. 4, 85
No. 5, 91
No. 6, 168
No. 7, 188
No. 8, 235
No. 9, 321
No. 10, 351
No. 11, 386
No. 12, 424
No. 13,
No. 14, 474

Initially it was a war between Jumia Nigeria and Konga, both companies pumping cash into the Nigerian e-commerce niche with aggressive marketing to become the ace eCommerce shopping site in Nigeria, not long after came the rest on the list, without forgetting the whole lot of those e-commerce sites that tried and fail in the quest of e-commerce/shopping sites stardom.
While the majority of them are a jack of all trade, the likes of, { now jumiafood },, And depearl specialized in a single area.

Note: The Alexa ranking used is the one at the time of this post writing, we typed 2017, because this post will be continuously updated.

So that’s it for our List of online shopping sites in Nigeria, the most popular e-commerce sites in Nigeria. Don’t leave without sharing your thoughts and experience about the list Nigerian eCommerce / shopping sites in Nigeria with us through the comment box and Remember to like us on facebook or follow us on plus share the post with your friends


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