How to Unlock Channels on Strong Decoder

The strong decoder is widely used in Nigeria and across the continent because of its affordability and tons of interesting free to air channels that it provides its viewers. However, despite the several free-to-air channels, there are still some channels that you cannot access because they are blocked. Not to worry about how to unlock these channels as I will be showing you How to Unlock Channels on Strong Decoder. 

It is annoying when you find out that your favorite channel has been locked and you cannot access it. locked channels mostly are due to the subscription that will give you access to watch the channel. Don’t worry as there are steps you can take to unlock locked channels on strong decoder. 

Possibly you just finished mounting your strong dish and decoder, you have also successfully scanned for channels and got the available channels. However, along the line, you find out that some of these channels are locked. 

How do you know that channels on strong decoders are locked? Pretty simple! When you see a dollar sign “$” right in front of the channels, it simply means the channel is locked and you cannot view programmes on that channel except you make payment. 

Don’t sweat much as I have in the bid to help you out, I have provided you with the process you can follow on How to Unlock Channels on Strong Decoder. In fact, it is a simple task and it is not tedious at all. 

How to Unlock Channels on Strong Decoder

First thing first, you must have a smart card for pairing. With this smart card, you can pair with your Strong decoder by using your remote control, go to the menu, choose the “system settings” and security settings, enter the “default password” (0000). 

Going further, you will find your strong decoder channel codes at the bottom of the screen. 

Lastly, you will now have to pair the smart card with your decoder. For example, if you are using a MYTV smart card, click on the MYTVPAIR option and it automatically pairs with your card). 

Rescan your Strong Decoder

Another method on How to Unlock Channels on Strong Decoder is to rescan your decoder. This can be done by 

Step 1: Pressing the ‘main menu’ button of your strong receiver. 

Step 2: Choose the installation option, and then press the OK button on your remote. 

Step 3: On your screen, you will be asked for your PIN number. You need to enter 0000 in this screen.

Step 4: Enter the ‘Dish Setting Menu’ mode where you will be able to choose the right satellite name. 

Step 5: Now you can choose a number of satellites, for instance, 68.5E INTELSAT 7, 10/K or 28.2E ASTRA 2A2B2D.

Note: Make sure that during this process that your LNB frequency which is set at 9.750/10.600 should not under any circumstance change, unless if you are a professional installer trying to change the frequency, then you can change it.

Step 6: Exit from the dish setting menu and go to the Manual Scan menu and select “Manual Scan”, 

Step 7: Choose ASTRA 2A2B2D (MultiTv), and select the frequency 12.554 GHz from the dialogue box list. 

Note: make sure that the symbol is set at 19.531 MS/s, the polarization is set at a vertical position, and the search type you select should be ‘all channel’. Also, make sure the Network Search is switched on.

You can follow the various steps above to unlock channels on your strong channels. However, the steps may vary because there are various Strong decoders. However, we hope that the process works for your strong decoder regardless of the type you have.

Also, make sure you follow the process as it is to the latter to get optimum results.

How to unlock Scrambled Channels on Strong Decoder

It might also interest you to know how to unlock scrambled channels on strong decoder, aside from unlocking locked channels. 

This frequently asked question is something easy and simple as long as you follow the steps below.

Step 1: You need to open patch by pressing the button combination “F1+6969” 

Step 2: Open Server Setting Menu by pressing the button combination F1+8281 

Step 3: Open Key Setting Menu by pressing the button combination F1+8280 Press “WWW” key on the Remote, 

Step 4: Press the button combination F1+9999 and some secret channels will pop-up.

Secret Codes on Strong Decoders

Do you know that your strong decoder has some secret code that will help you maximize the functionality of your decoder? If you are using the following strong decoders such as Strong SRT4922, SRT4920, AND SRT 4922A, you will find this helpful. 

  • Dial 6969 twice to “Open Patch”
  • Dial 8280 to “open BISS key edit menu”
  • Dial 8282 to “open Key Code edit menu”
  • Dial 8281 to “open server edit menu”



There you have the various steps that you can follow to unlock Channels on Strong Decoder. However, if you cannot do it on your own and you require help, it is best that you contact a professional or call for help from the strong helpline.

You will surely be directed on how to go about it successfully or the professional will be on the ground to help you with the whole process.