How To Check MTN Data Balance

How To Check MTN Data Balance for Android Phone , iPhone, BlackBerry, SME and Goodybag

Here is all you need to know on how to check MTN data balance . MTN is one of the top telecommunications company in Nigeria at the moment and they have over 40 million active lines which makes them one of the top companies with highest number of customer base. Data subscription on the MTN network have been affordable of recent and a lot of MTN users now have an active data plan on their mobile phone. There is the normal data plan for Android and iPhone, the BlackBerry data plans, the SME data share and MTN Goodybag. In this post we are going to give you full details on how to check the balance of MTN data balamce for all plans.

how to check mtn data plan balance

MTN Nigeria also launched the 4G LTE on their network this year, though the 4G LTE mobile network support is not yet available across the nation, it has improved internet access in the locations since it was launched.

There are many reasons you might want to know your data balance on MTN network. You might want to check your data balance so has to know what is left of your bandwidth or to know when your data plan is going to expire. Many people plan their daily data usage and checking your data balance is going to help you monitor how you spend your data daily.

Like I said earlier there are four different categories of data plan subscription on the MTN Nigeria network, each of this subscriptions have their own special method of checking the data balance. Below is how you can easily check your MTN data balance with ease on your mobile phone;

How To Check MTN Data Balance For Android Phone, iPhone, Blackberry, SME and Goodybag Plan

How To Check MTN Data Plan For Android and iPhone Balance : To check your mobile data plan balance simply dial the USSD code *131*4# on your mobile phone or send 2 to 131 as a text message. If you are using the text message it might take minutes before you receive your data balance on the MTN network.

How To Check MTN BIS Data Balance : If you are using a BlackBerry phone you are most likely to have subscribed to the MTN BIS data plan, to check the balance of this plan simply send STATUS to 21600 as a text message. You are going to receive a message from MTN containing the full details on your MTN BIS plan.

How To Check MTN SME Data Balance:  The MTN share and sell is now popular and it is a very affordable data plan. To check the balance of your MTN SME data plan simply dial the USSD code 691*7# on your phone or send SHAREBALANCE to 131 as a text message.

How To Check MTN Goodybag Balance : The MTN Goodybag contains social subscriptions like Facebook sub, WhatsApp sub, Eskimi sub and lots more. To check your MTN Goodybag balance simply 403 to 131 via SMS.

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