How to Adopt A Child in Nigeria

How to Adopt A Child in Nigeria

Adoption of a child in Nigeria, is still frowned at in some part of the country due to our traditional beliefs and culture. Regardless of this some people understand that adoption of a child could mean, given home to the homeless and succor to the barren.

How to Adopt A Child in Nigeria , International adoption of a Nigerian child

Adoption Process in Nigeria

Adoption process in Nigeria is a legal procedure that must be followed
1. Submission of a formal letter of request

to the permanent Secretary, Ministry of social Development of youth and Sport of the respective state in Nigeria or the equivalent

2. Prospective Parent or Adopter will be invited for interview

3. If Successful, a letter of approval would be given to search around for adoptable child in any of the Government approved homes

4. Payment of prescribed fees

5. Mandatory Pre-Councelling and Post-Councelling session on an appointed date

6. The court order for the release of the child will be issued and the parent adopting the child would be allowed to take the child for a probational period of three months
7. After 3 months, the child would be presented for legalization in the court and final approval granted for the adopting family

Note: For international Adoption
The child adoption process will begin with obtaining a formal approval from the country of residence of the prospective adopting family before the visit the Permanent Secretary
Also after they found the child of their choice, the orphanage will forward the medical report, case history of the child and the juvenile police report to the Ministry for investigations before a letter of authority to collect will be issued.

Guide lines and Adoption laws in Nigeria

The constitution and laws of Nigeria supports child adoption to give home to the homeless child and succor to the married couple who could not give birth to children
1. Families adopting should not adopt more than two children and should be prepared to love and care for them as their biological children

2. The Adoption applies only to a person under the age of 17 years whose parents and other relatives are unknown or cannot be traced after due inquiry certified by a juvenile court.

3. Parent with child above the age of one year may voluntarily give the child out for adoption

4. Also applicants who wishes to adopt a child must be at least 25 years old and at least 21 years older than the child, at least one parent must meet the age requirements

5. Female child cannot be adopted where the sole applicant is a male except extra ordinary circumstance in which the court deems fit for such to take place

6. If a married man or woman is the sole person adopting the child, the court may refuse the adoption if it deems fit, except when the consent of the partner is given.

7. It is a crime for an adopter to marry his or her adopted child and it is also a crime for an adopted child to marry a natural child of his or her adopted parents

Required Document for Adoption
birth Certificates
Marriage certificates
divorce decrees (where applicable)
Please not that the process and guidelines on how to adopt a child in Nigeria varies from state to state within the country

Reference: Legal Naija, Martins library and Adopt

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