How Learning Another Language Can Enhance Career

We live in a world that often requires people to work closely with others who live in different time zones and speak different languages. Such a global world has undoubtedly opened up many doors to technological and anthropological growth and development, however, it comes with its own set of demands that must be met. When we work with people across different borders who speak different languages, communication can become a huge issue very quickly. For this reason, more people are turning towards learning multiple languages to help them conduct their businesses more effectively. Some of the most used languages for global collaboration are English, French, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. People who are adept at speaking these languages instantly have an advantage over their peers. In this article, we shall discuss how learning another language can help your career.

How learning a new language leads to better job opportunities

The ability to speak multiple languages can enable career growth in many ways. Given below are five ways in which this happens on a regular basis.

1.   International job opportunities

International job markets are always looking to hire people who speak multiple languages. Multilingual people can work directly with international communities. They will not need a translator with them all the time. This means that a company can hire one person instead of two people. Companies like that. Furthermore, people who speak the local language are usually selected to go to international business meetings or conferences. Such opportunities might not go to people who speak only a single language.

2.   You’ll get shortlisted for jobs more frequently

People who speak different languages can mention this fact in their resumes to help them stand out. The more languages you know, the better it is. You can also mention your proficiency in each language on your resume. Subtextually, speaking multiple languages means a lot to a recruiter. It shows that the candidate is keen to learn. It also shows that the candidate is diligent and determined. These are all good qualities to have. Furthermore, speaking multiple languages is essential in roles that are related to sales and business development. This is because almost every company today conducts business with other countries. In such roles, you might have to interact with your foreign colleagues almost on a daily basis. Having a translator or interpreter for every meeting can be cumbersome. For such profiles, multilingual people stand out.

3.   More freelance opportunities

People who can speak more than one language can work as freelance translators for clients around the world. If they have given their language proficiency exams, they can also work part-time as professional translators for online translation services which translate important documents from one language to another. This way, they can earn a secondary income to give themselves more financial stability.

4.   Expand your network

One of the easiest ways to expand your network is by learning new languages. When you speak multiple languages, you can converse with people from different countries. This will automatically expand your circle of friends and colleagues. Your willingness or ability to speak the local tongue will make you more approachable among strangers. It will increase trust and make people more willing to speak with you. This can help you connect with people, make friends and grow the network of people you know.

5.   Speaking another language enhances brain capacity

When you speak different languages, you are essentially exercising the brain to stay active and alert. This automatically improves the overall health of your brain and keeps it sharp. A sharp brain is a healthy brain which can take in and process more information, think critically or creatively when required, and take proper decisions. This will help you become more reliable and trustworthy professionals and open the doors to career growth.

A Few Concluding Thoughts

There are several advantages to learning a new language. Learning a new language is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your resume stands out from the crowd. Owing to technology, it is no longer difficult to learn a new language. There are numerous apps, online courses and distance learning programs that teach new languages. If you are someone who is thinking about learning a new language, we hope that this article has given you enough reasons to go ahead and take that step.

About the Author – Andrew Mazur

Andrew Mazur is a linguist. Ever since his childhood, he has had a keen interest in learning languages and fostered this interest into his adult life. A native English speaker, he has learned 3 foreign languages. He started his own language school where he teaches students. In his free time, he also writes and publishes articles on his online blog.