Gtbank Mobile Banking App Download : Setup n How To Use It

How To Use Gtbank Mobile Banking App Download : Setup Guide and Functions

Guarantee Trust Bank is a technologically innovative bank in Nigeria and other African countries. Gtbank mobile banking app allows you to operate your bank account from the comfort of your home on your mobile phone, also giving you a handy access to carry out your transactions at any time at your own convenience.

When you use the GTBank mobile banking application you stand to enjoy numerous benefits which include; ease of use, banking on the go, no more time wasting in banking hall, simplicity, getting your account details and mini statement in real-time. The GTBank mobile app is also easy to setup and a straightforward application all you need to do is follow the below guide.

How To Download GtBank Mobile Banking App

The name of the Guaranty bank mobile app is the GTMobile. This application has been developed to be compatible with most mobile devices and smartphone. Which include Android, iOS, Windows phone and BlackBerry smarthphones. To download the application you can visit or simply use the mobile appstore of your smartphone. To download on the appstore just run a search for ‘GTMobile’ then install

You can also follow the links below, select the one applicable to your mobile

How To Setup the GTBank Mobile App

The simplicity of the GTBank mobile banking app cannot be overstated as it is easy to setup and straightforward all you need to do is;

  • Launch the GTMobile app on your smartphone
  • You can switch between Gtbank Mobile Banking and Mobile Money service offerings.
  • To login you would need to use your Mobile Banking Login details as the login on the GTMobile app are the same as those used to login for GTBank Internet Banking
  • If you don’t have your login details, just visit the nearest GTB to you, for them to generate one for you.
  • Begin to enjoy the numerous functions of the GTMobile


Follow This Guide Below Step by Step


  • Download and install the GTbank mobile app
  • Click Signup and fill in the required information { Full Name, Last Name, Date of Birth . .. }
  • Answer all the questions and Note { Enter the correct the answers, because the information you provide will be used to verify ownership incase you forget your PIN and want to request for a new one }
  • After completion, a text message containing your ” 6 digits activation token “ will be sent to your phone 5.g 234567


  • Click on activate
  • Enter your 6 digits activation token e.g 234567
  • Next – You need to choose a four digit ( e.g 4536), Re-enter the pin again and confrim. Number that will be easy for you to remember and only known to you
  • You will receive a welcome text from Guaranty Trust Bank. Your mobile money app is good to go.

Functions and What You Can Do With The GTBank Mobile Banking Application do?

This is an area in which the GTMobile is not lacking, as it can perform the following functions :

  • Payment of bills like PHCN, LCC, DSTV an lots more 
  • You can use the application to hotlist lost or stolen ATM card 
  • Inter and Intra bank funds transfer 
  • Account summary and mini statement 
  • Purchase airtime on any mobile phone 
  • FX transactions 
  • You can use the app to clear your lingering cheques

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