Full list of obligations and duties of Nigerian Citizens – Being a citizen of a particular country comes with lots of responsibilities and duties, there are lots of things which need to be done. The responsibilities and obligations of citizens need to be carried out for Nigeria to move forward, not only Nigeria, but each country also has certain benefits for the citizens once their duties and obligations are being carried out. We will be giving you information about the duties and obligations of Nigerian citizens.

Obedience to the law is one thing, not every citizen does that, many do not obey the law and constitution and they tend to break the rules which leads to severe punishment which they face. As a citizen of a country, you are expected to follow the laws, the rules, and regulations which are being set to govern the country, there are things you are to do and things you are not supposed to do.

Many individuals are known not to abide by the rules of the country, they tend to break laws, many refuse to pay taxes, yet they still complain about Nigeria not moving forward. You as a citizen play an important role in the pushing of your country forward, apart from the government individuals who set the rules and regulations or is their duty to set up infrastructure and buildings, you as citizens have a major role to play in the country.  Many things need to be done in helping a country move forward, if every citizen performs his or her civic duties well and obey the rules and regulations there will be no problem with them. The majority tend to break rules or even create new ones for them. There are several duties and obligations which will be mentioned in this article.

Duties Of Nigerian Citizens And Obligations

  • Protection Of Public Property

Citizens are expected to protect public property which has been done by the government. Many are fond of using public property anyhow with the I don’t care attitude, many citizens tend to misuse facilities, vandalize, and squandering of funds if given to them. This is not supposed to be done, as a citizen of Nigeria, you are expected to take care of the public property, it is not stated in the constitution that there is a particular person that should be in charge, everyone as citizens are expected to do the needful by taking care and safeguarding the public property and taking care of everything.

  • Loyalty

Being loyal to your country is part of the duties and obligations of a citizen, you must be loyal, must be able to answer your nation’s call at all times. You don’t only owe loyalty to the government but also to your community, you must be able to demonstrate allegiance to your nation and support programs and initiatives that are meant to better the lives of everyone there.

  • Taxes

When we talk about taxes, many tend to shy away from this. Many citizens know that it’s their duty to fulfill the payment of their taxes, many refuse to pay which makes things to be difficult. You should know that the payment of taxes helps the government to complete their projects for your country, without you paying your taxes road projects will still not be complete and so many things undone for your country.

You should know that the same people who don’t even pay their taxes are the one who always complains about the poor performance of the government, saying all sort of things for others to follow in their footsteps, but you should know that things should not be done that way, as payment of taxes is necessary for every citizen and it is your duty and obligation.

Duties Of Nigerian Citizens

  • Obedience Of The Law

Obeying the law is quite easy, you are not expected to do things which will you know are not right. Let’s take for instance, in the case of the traffic light, many fail that little law, by driving pass when they are expected to stop, that means you have disobeyed and broken the law.

When Obedience is put into practice, living in peace with yourself and the government becomes easy as many fail to know that, you should know that you are very responsible for any of your actions. Laws are being created so that there will peace and order in the society not just that it’s also made to protect the interest of the citizens if laws are being obeyed the government will have no choice than to discharge its own responsibilities.

  • Respect To Others

Apart from you respecting the government and obeying laws, you should learn to respect others too. Many fail to understand that when you respect other people’s opinions you will avoid troubles and conflicts. Conflicts arise when people tend to disrespect themselves, most times they quarrel and fight over petty issues, but when respect is been given to others then everywhere will be peaceful.

  • National Service

Talking about the national service, many youths should know that it is their duty to render this to their nation. Talking about the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) which is done after completion of a 4-year course in your desired university, the NYSC teaches youth lots of things about the country, attending or being part of the NYSC which is a one year programme, makes you being a good citizen as you tend to render national service. Many do not know all of this; it is your duty as a young vibrant citizen to partake in this program which has been helpful to many Nigerians.

  • Voting During Election

As a citizen you are expected to come out and partake in the election, you should know that you are expected to exercise your civil rights, this is part of your duties as a citizen for a country.

  • Respect For National Symbols

Every citizen is expected to have respect for national symbols, it is expected that you should honour the national flag, national symbols, and others.

Above we have given you the expected duties of Nigerian citizens and their obligations. You should know that you are being expected to fulfill all these duties so that your country can grow and things will move forward, failure in you playing your role will make things difficult for you and others. Playing your roles and duties is needed by you, when you abide by all the rules and regulations given to you, you will enjoy lots of benefits.



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