Drug Abuse In Nigeria Causes Effects and Solutions

One of the problems that Nigeria as a country suffers from is drug abuse. This country is listed among countries of the world that have not been unable to fight this problem effectively. Furthermore, the problem instead of diminishing is growing at an alarming rate, threatening to tear the people of this country apart. { Drug abuse in Nigeria causes effects and solution }.

The end to drug abuse in Nigeria cannot be put to an end by the government alone. The people and our media have a lot of roles to play towards the extinction of drug abuse in Nigeria. This article is a piece directed at putting an end to this problem – { effects of drug abuse on the Nigerian youth }.

This article is basically divided into three parts. In the first part of the article, we will take our time to discuss causes of drug abuse, then the effects this problem has on the country. Afterwards, discussion about solutions to drug abuse will come up.

Causes Of Drug Abuse In Nigeria

Causes Of Drug Abuse In Nigeria Effects and Solutions

There are a good number of causes of drug abuse in the country. Some causes of drug abuse are peer pressure, curiosity, ignorance, frustration, and lack of parental care.

  • 1. Peer Pressure

Nigeria is a country where the majority of people are greatly influenced by their peers. It is so sad to further state that the population of people who guard against external influence are low.

Among the major causes of drug abuse, especially among the youths, is peer pressure. Youths who keep the company of bad people tend to be under pressure, and without enough help, they fall prey to this problem.

Peer pressure may be direct pressure or indirect pressure. Direct pressure is when peers intention exerts pressure on an individual. On the other hand, indirect pressure can come in form of a feeling of inferiority among peers.

  • 2. Curiosity

Curiosity also ranks among major reasons why people get involved in drug abuse. Some people get curious about drugs and decide to try it out when their curiosity reaches a certain level. In a lot of cases, these people appreciate the experience, then do it over and over. Before realizing, these people find themselves to have become drug addicts.

  • 3. Ignorance

Ignorance is another popular cause of drug abuse. A lot of people have testified to being drug addicts as a result of their ignorance. People said they partake in drug abuse, not knowing their acts are forms of drug abuse. Some also said that they became victims of drug abuse because they were ignorant of the effects of the problem.

  • 4. Frustration

Frustration is another major reason why people become a victim of drug abuse. Nigeria is a country populated with a high number of frustrated people. When frustrated, people often desire to disappear from their frustration, for some time or while it lasts. When they feel this way, one of the things they think of is drug abuse — they go ahead and engage in drug abuse.

These drug abusers end up believing that drugs are a way of making time pass them by. They end up seeing drug abuse as a way of killing time when frustrated, and this ends up making drug abuse a habit.

  • 5. The Lack of Parental Care

The lack of parental care is another leading cause drug abuse, popular among youths of the country. Youths of these days have great tendency to partake in great immoral activities. When they do things that are immoral, it is the responsibility of their parents to correct them and guide them on the right path. However, in a situation where there is lack of parental care, youths get lost in the world of immorality.

Effects Of Drug Abuse In Nigeria

Drug abuse has a lot of serious negative effects in the lives of its victims and the country. Below are some effects.

  • 1. Destruction Of An Individual’s Life

One of the main effects of drug abuse on individuals is the destruction of their lives. Drug abuse destroys people’s lives by making them irresponsible to themselves. Victims are often unable to do things right for themselves, and in the end, it destroys their lives and makes it impossible for them to realize their potential.

  • 2. Health Problems

Drug abuse is known to cause very serious illnesses to its victims. Victims of this problem are furthermore known to suffer from serious ailments like cancer, liver problem and kidney problem. There are many other diseases suffered by these people. However, a common thing among such people is that they do not live long in the long run.

  • 3. Destruction Of Families

When a member of a family, especially one of the parents, partakes in drug abuse, their family is often affected negatively. Such a person causes a lot of problems to the family, and they often eventually destroy their family if proper actions are not taken.

  • 4. Degradation Of The Country

Drug abuse is not only harmful to individuals who take part in it, it is also harmful to the country. A country that has a significant percentage of drug abusers will be hindered from achieving its highest potential, as drug abusers cannot perform as normal people will.

Solutions To Drug Abuse In Nigeria

effects of drug abuse on the Nigerian youth

Although drug abuse is a giant problem in the country, this does not mean that it cannot be tackled. Drug abuse is a problem that can be tackled in many ways, and if done right, it can be eradicated in the country. The following are some ways in which drug abuse can be tackled.

  • 1. Aggressive Annihilation Of Illegal Drugs Sources

A very important step that has to be taken to wipe out drug abuse, is the aggressive annihilation of the sources of illegal drugs. Without the existence of illegal drugs, drug abuse will weaken significantly in the country.

  • 2. Punishment And Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers

Another good way to curb drug abuse is by punishing people who partake in it. However, after people have been punished for drug abuse, they should not be left to rot and become useless to themselves — that’s not what a country that cares about its citizens should do. Following serious punishment to serve as a deterrent, drug abusers should be rehabilitated.

  • 3. Very Frequent and Widespread Awareness of The Dangers of Drug Abuse

It is also important that governments, organizations, and individuals create very frequent awareness of the dangers of drug abuse. The awareness should be widespread so that every citizen of the country will be reached.

That’s all about drug abuse in Nigeria causes effects and solution.


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