How To Make A Complaint To First Bank (2023)

In this modern world especially when we now implement a cashless policy, almost every Nigerian has their money saved in banks and one of the banks in Nigeria that has a good reputation in securing people’s money is First Bank.

First Bank is a Nigerian multinational bank and financial services company that has its headquarter in Lagos. It is the premier bank in West Africa with over 18 million customers.

Since most transactions are now being done online (Mobile app, Mobile wallet, etc.), almost every Nigerian faces a problem or the other with banks. With this, some people find it stressful to go to the bank and stand for hours in a long queue just to speak with a customer care representative.

With this, everyone wants to know how to make a complaint to their banks without having to go and stand in a long queue in the bank.

But before I proceed on how to make a complaint to First Bank, there is one important thing you need to know.

Not all complaints can be made online because some complete may require your presence in the bank before it can be solved, and these complaints are usually the type that requires identity verification just like biometric verification or facial verification.

So to make this easier for you, below are some of the complaints that can be solved without you having to visit any First Bank branch.

  • Account balance inquiry
  • Card transaction issues
  • ATM card block request
  • Online banking inquiries
  • Online banking password reset
  • Stop cheque instruction
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Dormant account reactivation
  • Account reactivation
  • General Account issues
  • Cheque book request
  • Statement of account request

Now that you know the type of complaints that can easily be solved by First Bank without you having to visit their branch, we can all talk about the various way you can contact your First Bank online and make a complaint to them.

First Bank has set up series of contact details to make sure you can get across to them anytime and anywhere around the country, as you can contact first bank customer care both online and offline. 

How To Make A Complaint To First Bank?

Some of the means of communication you can use to make a complaint to First Bank are via;

  • Phone
  • Website (live chat, contact form, FAQ pages)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Email address

What is First Bank Customer Care Phone Number?

Below are some of the mobile phone number you can call to get across to a first bank customer care agent;

  • 07080625000
  • 07066959544
  • 014485500
  • 0700-34778-2668228

What Is The Link To First Bank Website?

To contact First Bank on their website, visit

After visiting the website, scroll down to the last page

You will see a contact us  section  which consists of various ways you can get across to First Bank customer care representative.

 Some of these are;

Feedback and Complaints: Use this to make any of the complaint listed above 

Whistleblowing: Use this to report a fraudulent activity

Find a Branch: Use this to you find a first Bank branch that is closer to the current location you are.

Contact Form: Use this form to easily report a complaint by filling in your name, email address, account number, and transaction reference.

This form is usually sent to an online customer care representative who will attend to you.

Find an Agent: Use this to find the First Bank agent closest to you.

This works best if you are in a location where there is no ATM and you currently need cash. Using this will help you identify the first bank agent around you, which you can go to.

How To Contact First Bank On Social Media

To make an inquiry, request, or complaint about any first bank’s product and service, use any of the means provided above.