How To Check Glo Data Balance 2017

How To Check Glo Data Balance in 2017

Here is how to check Glo data balance subscription with ease on your mobile phone. Globacom is owned by the Mike Adenuga Group, the telecommunications company started operations in Nigeria in the year 2003 and have since then grown into one of the top telecommunications company in Nigeria today.

how to check glo data balance

This 100 percent owned Nigerian company is well known for their affordable data plans in the country, this s obvious as 26 million out of their over 34 million active users are internet subscribers. Globacom Nigeria is largely referred to as the “King of Data” by many people in the country. Glo has also launched the 4G LTE network support this year in a bid to deliver high speed internet connectivity to their customers.

It is necessary for you as an internet subscriber to check your data balance, this is not going to only give you information on the date your data plan is going to be exhausted, it is also going to save you from the embarrassment of unexpected data bandwidth exhaustion. Many of us browse the internet for hours and consume a lot of data on our phone, we are less likely to tell the amount of data we have used and most data monitoring apps are not reliable as most telecommunications company calculations don’t tally with that of third party apps. To check your data balance on Glo Nigeria network all you need to do is follow the easy steps below;

How To Check Glo Data Balance in 2017

  • How To Check Glo Data Plan For Android And iPhone Balance : Android and iOS are the top two most used mobile platform in Nigeria today. Most internet users in Nigeria use either am iPhone or Android device. It is important for you to know how to check your data balance on any of this devices. To do this simply send INFO to 127 as a text message and you are going to receive your data balance and expiry details via text message.
  • How To Check Glo BIS balance : To check how much data is remaining on your Globacom Nigeria BlackBerry internet subscription simpy send STATUS to 777 as a text message. You are going to receive the full account details of your Glo BIS plan.

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