Cheapest Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria 2017, Top 10

Top 10 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria 2017

Naijaquest brings you list of the top 10 cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria. Gone are the days when online shopping in Nigeria was relatively unknown as the e-commerce industry has grown massively over the years. Nigerian Online shopping sites sell a lot of products which range from phones, computers, electronic gadgets, fashion, clothing, kitchen appliances, books and sundry and lots more. The websites on this top 10 list of cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria , have really raised the bar in delivering top-notched online shopping experience to people at fantastic prices.

Within the last two years, investors put in over N205 billion into the eCommerce industry in Nigeria. There are currently a lot of online stores in the country offering various prices for their goods but in this article we would be giving you the top 10 cheapest online stores in the country, the stores on this list are trusted and also give you one of the most secured shopping experience in the country. Below is the list of the top 10 cheapest online stores in Nigeria .

Cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria : This online shopping store tops our list of the cheapest Nigerian online shopping sites . Jumia list products like mobile phones, electronics, fashion items, wines and computers at a very affordable and competitive rate you can enjoy free delivery or delivery for a token depending on what you buy on their platform.

Konga : This is a top online store in the country and the top competitor with Jumia. They sell computers and accessories, electronics, home and kitchen appliances and books at a very cheap and affordable rate, offering discounts to their customers.

Mystore Nigeria : This online store offers its customers secure online shopping, you can purchase mobile phones, fashion items, electronics and home appliances at one of the best rates in the country.

Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

Coliseum / Taafoo : This online store was formerly known as Taafoo but is now known as Coliseum. This online store offers free delivery services within Lagos to customers with a minimum purchase of N5,000.

Kaymu Nigeria : You can buy jewelry, vehicles, home appliances, computers and mobile phones on Kaymu website at one of the best rates. Payment is easy on this platform as you can pay via bank deposits, payment on delivery and internet payment.

Kara : This is one of the top cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria which sells home appliances, mobile phones, power systems and computers. They offer their customers with discounts from time to time.

Parktelonline : This store specializes in the sales of mobile devices, computers and its accessories. You can get all this goods at one of the cheapest rates in the country.

Yudala : This online store was launched in August 2015 and started as a retail chain store with four branches across Lagos. Products sold on Yudala come at one of the best rates online.

Dealdey : This online store offers all their products at wholesale prices which makes them really affordable and cheap.

Hellofood : Now JumiaFood This store is not only limited to sale of food as the name connotes but they also sell clothing and computers. They have a wide chain of network and offer a nationwide delivery.

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