Nigeria is country blessed with a lot of resources, both natural and human. It is sad, however, that her resources are not put to efficient use. Nigeria has over 9 million unemployed people. This huge figure implies that the rate of unemployment is really high in the country. There are a number of factors responsible for the prevalence of unemployment in Nigeria and solutions. They are listed below

Major Causes Of Unemployment In Nigeria and Solutions


  • 1. Poor Supply Of Electricity

For the average Nigerian youth that wants to venture into entrepreneurship, constant source of power supply is essential for most businesses. The current situation of little or no power supply is detrimental to the development of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), hence such businesses fold up and unemployment sets in.

  • 2. Poor Standard Of Education

The standard of education is really low in Nigeria. Gone are the days where Nigerian graduates could effectively compete with their counterparts from other parts of the world. Every year half-baked graduates are released into the labour market. Due to the poor standard of education, many end up unemployed.

  • 3. Tribalism And Nepotism

Tribalism is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabric of the Nigerian society. People are being employed based on where they come from or who they are, this is commonly known as having a ‘connection or long leg’ in Nigeria. In the long run, the more qualified people are not employed.

  • 4. Lack Of Employable Skills

One of the major causes of unemployment in Nigeria is the low standard of education, many graduates do not think it essential to empower themselves with skills that would further enhance their chances of getting a job. Skills such as ICT, PMP, HSE and the likes are usually overlooked. The ones who eventually acquire such skills stand a higher chance of getting employed.

  • 5. Preoccupation With Political Ambition

Due to the huge salaries of people in political offices, along with kickbacks, many youths resort to preoccupy themselves with the ambition of being politicians and waste time, energy and resources in the pursuit of a public office, which sometimes, is a futile attempt. Such youths are not concerned about getting a job or venturing into a business.

  • 6. Corruption

The high level of embezzlement, fraud and the likes of people in public office is also responsible for the rising level of employment. The government cannot provide amenities to facilitate job creation due to inadequate funds.

  • 7. Negligence Of Agriculture

The average Nigerian has the ‘white collar job’ mentality. Many see agriculture as a ‘dirty’ job with little or no returns. Hence they abandon agriculture preferring to remain jobless. Agriculture is a big boost to the economy and also sources of employment, although the government can help willing farmers by providing subsidy.

  • 8. Policies

There are little or no policies in place to facilitate giving out loans to youths who are willing to go into large-scale commercial agriculture, mass production of Nigerian made goods and the likes. Thus the ideas of many Nigerians are buried because there is no starting capital.

  • 9. Ignorance

Many Nigerians especially youths live in ignorance. They do not search on ways of getting self employed. They instead prefer to sit at home and wait for someone to employ them.

10. Poverty

This is not just a cause but also one of the major problems of unemployment in Nigeria, Some people are not financially buoyant enough to bring their ideas to life and in the process, becoming self employed. Thus they have no choice but to remain unemployed till a job comes along.

There are solutions to these problems which are listed below;


  • The problem of epileptic power supply should be tackled so as to meet rising energy needs of businesses.
  • Improving the standard of education to international level should be of national importance.
  • Employers should be more concerned about employing people who would bring development to their company rather than people they know.
  • Nigerian youths should acquire skills relevant to their field that would increase their chances of employment.
  • Youths should be more concerned about securing their future in more realistic pursuits.
  • Corrupt leaders should be dealt with accordingly so as to serve as a deterrent to others.
  • Youths should be sensitized on Agriculture as a lucrative venture and should thus be encouraged to go into agriculture through the provision of various incentives and subsidies such as loans and the likes.

Still on causes of unemployment in Nigeria and solutions ;

The N-Power scheme is a laudable project embarked on by the federal government which is steadily providing employment. If such scheme continues, more Nigerians become beneficiaries and thus the level of unemployment would be on the decline.

That’s all for now.


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