Canada Visa Application in Nigeria, How to Apply

How To Apply For Canada Visa Application in Nigeria

Over 35 million people choose to visit Canada to enjoy the many opportunities the country has to offer, which includes visiting
family and friends.
To visit Canada, you must first find out if you need a temporary resident visa, if your purpose of visit is other than that of business or pleasure, then you are required to apply for a visa such as study or temporary work .

Documents required for Canada Visa Application in Nigeria

What documents will be required?
– You must have a valid travel document (such as
a passport).
– Two recent passport photos are required.
– Enclose the application fee. Your fee will not be refunded, even if your application is not accepted.
– You must provide proof that you have enough money for your visit to Canada. The amount of money may vary, depending on the circumstances for your visit, how long you will stay and whetherbyou will stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives
– You may need to include other documents which could be identification cards,proof of employment, a letter of invitation from relatives or friends in Canada, or a proposed itinerary.
For Canada Study permit, the following documents are required;
1. Proof of acceptance
2. Proof of identity
3. Proof of financial support
4. Letter of explanation
5. TOEFL / IELTS score, if applicable
6. Visa fee to be payable by Bank draft
7. Copies of Academic Mark sheets and Certificates
8. Work Experience Certificates, if applicable

Still on how to apply for Canada Visa Application in Nigeria

Application for a canada work permit in Nigeria

There are four steps to apply for a work permit:
1. Obtain an application kit.
The application you need is called IMM 5580
(Applying for a Work Permit Student Guide).
2. Read the guide carefully before you complete the
application form. Photocopy the blank forms and
use one as a working copy. Keep the working copy for your records.
3. Complete the application form and attach the necessary documents.
Ensure you read all instructions and be sure to provide the
required documents. If information or documents
are missing, your application may be delayed. The
Document Checklist in the application kit will tell
you what documents to include.
All questions should be answered carefully, completely and truthfully. Answers can be typed or handwritten
(print clearly in black ink). Incomplete applications
will not be processed, but will be returned.
This will delay the application process. No processing fee is required for this work permit.
4. Mail the application form and documents.
The application kit contains the mailing address
where you must send your application.

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