The Best Online Animal Games

Animals are the favorites of children and adults. Cartoons and online games with their participation are always very popular.

Do you want to have fun in the company of funny animals? You can find the best online projects at Game Karma!

Duck Challenge

This game will captivate gamers with its dynamism! It’s time to test your accuracy and reaction speed. Before you are a lot of targets that quickly change their position in space. All of them look like yellow ducks.

You need to shoot at the targets and knock them down. Be sure to pay attention to the scoring system. You will only get points when you hit the yellow ducks. But if the projectile flies into the red, the cherished points will be deducted. Take your time to shoot and aim well if you want to win!

The Running Sheep

The sheep simulator is a great way to escape from the routine and enjoy vivid pictures. In front of you is an animal that needs help to get to the finish point. But you won’t be able to change the sheep’s speed or stop it in front of dangerous areas. The player is offered only to correct the direction of the character’s movement.

There will be many obstacles in the way of the sheep. Do your best to protect it from branches, rocks, sharp turns, and traps!

Cat Rolling

Who doesn’t love cats? Everyone seems to like them! It is especially interesting to watch how they run and somersault. If you like purring four-legged friends, meet the protagonist of this online game!

The cat needs your help to get from the starting point of the level to the finish line. Be sure to collect the stars you meet along the way and don’t forget to grab the key to the door.

With a beautiful picture, simple controls, and a charming main character, this game is loved by both children and adults.

3 Pandas In Japan

Other conquerors of the hearts of people of all ages are pandas. The game invites you to go to Japan and control three bears that are in the Tokyo Zoo. They found themselves in the very center of the bustling Japanese capital and cannot return home without your help.

An interesting feature of this game is the need to control three characters at the same time. Without such interaction, it will not be possible to control them.

Get ready for the fact that each new level will be more difficult than the previous one. As you get closer to the finish line, simple quests turn into multi-component tasks.

Penguin Avoids

The popular online project attracts with its simplicity and cute cartoon graphics. The main character of the game is a penguin. He must get from one point to another, dodging traps and obstacles.

The main danger is sharp objects. They can cause irreparable harm to the penguin. Avoid contact with them and collect stars on your way to the finish line!