Top 10 Best DJs In Nigeria 2021

There was a time in Nigeria when DJs were not really given much attention compared to the likes of musicians and comedians. Apart from what is popular in the entertainment industry, you don’t come across people who are eager to become the best DJs in Nigeria. Nevertheless, things have changed in recent years. Right now, they also command as much respect as artistes, they now have their own fan base, they are being rewarded with huge money to entertain music lovers, and they also release their own albums too. 

It is well known today that Disc Jockeying is now a big career in Nigeria, and there are many DJs around right now. However, there are some that are better than others, and here we will consider the top ten best of them in the country. These guys have a huge reputation in the Nigerian entertainment space, and they command big respect. They are well-known celebrities who are being rewarded handsomely for doing what they enjoy doing. 

Top 10 Best DJs In Nigeria

1. DJ Jimmy Jatt

Born as Jimmy Amu, DJ Jimmy Jatt is regarded as the best DJ in the country. He is well known across the continent for his mastery of the crafts, and he has been able to gain a reputation in the entertainment industry. 

Although it appears Jimmy is consciously allowing the growth of other upcoming DJs in the country, he remains the best around. He has won various awards and is doing fine for himself. 

2. DJ Kaywise

DJ Kaywise is another superb DJ that has grown into an influential person in the Nigerian entertainment sector. He has achieved a lot of things as a DJ that has shot his reputation to the skies, and he has been able to carve a niche for himself.

The DJ owns a DJ Academy in the country (the first to be established by a DJ in Nigeria). He has worked with the likes of MTVBase, Nigezie TV, WapTV, and so on. 

3. DJ Xclusive

Born as  Rotimi Alakija, Dj Xclusive is not just one of the best Dj in the country but also one of the most popular. He was born in the United Kingdom and he spent some time there before coming back to Nigeria. It is interesting to add that he is one of the most educated DJs in the country, and he is with the EME record label right now. 

He has worked with the likes of Vendome, and Tribeca as a DJ before exploring the music industry as a musician. He has worked with some top musicians like Timaya and Wizkid to make music. 

4. DJ Spinall

Born Sodamola Oluseye Desmond, he decided to pick the stage name DJ Spinall, and he has distinguished himself in various ways. One of his trademarks is his Yoruba traditional cap. He has a penchant for adorning the cap irrespective of the attire he is putting on for the event. 

He is a master of the craft and has proven himself in various instances. Desmond is pretty good that he has no issues when it comes to playing and mixing all genres into one playlist. This DJ has the reputation of being the first-ever DJ in the country to get a brand endorsement. In 2015, he struck a deal with Smirnoff Ice. 

5. DJ Big N

This guy is a famous Nigerian DJ that is well respected for his skills in the business. DJ Big N is an important part of Mavin Records (which has indicated right that he is a superb DJ) and he has the reputation of being one of the best in the country. 

He has supported some of Mavin’s top stars on different occasions and has also released several of the label’s themed mixtapes (such as the “Mavin All Stars” mixtape, and so on). He also has the reputation of being one of the most educated DJs in Nigeria (in fact, some time back, he got his MSc in the United Kingdom) 

6. DJ Kentalky

Born as Ifeoluwa Ibrahim Ozimah, DJ Kentalky is another superb DJ that the country can boast about. He is skillful in the art and is building his own fan base too. He has done several mixtapes for music lovers since he started back then in 2001.

DJ Kentalky has attained celebrity status and is doing fine with fame. He is also one of the local DJs who can boast of having worked with an international DJ – in the person of Mannie.

7. DJ Neptune

The name Imohiosen Patrick might not sound familiar in the ears of many Nigerian music lovers, but the name DJ Neptune is no stranger. Well, the duo actually belongs to the same person. DJ Neptune, who is one of the most popular DJs in Nigeria, was born as Imohiosen Patrick. 

It was made known that he has been showing interest in entertainment as a youngster, and he began to see some success when he joined RayPower some years back. He has worked for various radio stations and he remains one of the most respected guys in the Nigerian entertainment space. DJ Neptune also has his own online radio – Neptunes FM.

8. DJ Cuppy

Finally, a female is here. Well, everyone knows that the industry is a male-dominated one, and there are many more male DJs than their female counterparts. Of course, due to different factors, it is not too easy for females to thrive in the industry. However, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy has been able to break several barriers and has established herself as one of the best DJs the country can boast of. 

Apart from the fact that her father’s wealth played a role in her success (she is the daughter of one of the richest men in Nigeria – in the person of Femi Otedola), she has also proven herself to be a master of sounds. 

DJ Cuppy is also one of Nigeria’s most educated DJs. Although she was born in Nigeria, she got educated in London, even graduating from King’s College London with a degree in Business and Economics.

She has won different awards for her exploits in the country’s entertainment industry – including the best female DJ at NEA Awards in the year 2015. One of the admirable things about her is how, despite her father’s riches, she has decided to work hard to earn a name for herself. Fortunately for her, she is achieving success with what she is doing, and she is doing fine. 

9. DJ Lambo

DJ Lambogini is another Nigerian female DJ doing fine for herself. Born as Olawanmi Okerayi, she picked the stage name DJ Lambogini (which is usually shortened as DJ Lambo). It was made known that she has been interested in going into this field since she was a child and she taught herself how to Deejay.

Right now, she has grown pretty big in the trade and her reputation extends beyond Nigeria. This woman has actually seen successes at different levels and has been nominated for Best Female DJ in Africa in the African Global DJ Awards AGDA.

10. DJ Enimoney

Born Eniola Olamilekan Adedeji, DJ Enimoney is another superb Nigerian DJ that is well known and respected for his exploits in the country’s entertainment space. DJ Enimoney is a celebrated DJ and he also started his career since he was a youngster in secondary school. 

He is an official DJ to YBNL artist and some of his popular mixtapes are “Shaku Shaku Therapy” and “DJ Enimoney. The Mixtape Vol. 2”.

Here we go on the list of the best DJs in Nigeria. Just as stated earlier, although there are tons of people going into the Disk Jockey business as a result of its lucrative tendencies today, the fact remains that these guys here are at the front line for their influence in the Nigerian entertainment space.