Black Friday is the day after US Thanksgiving holiday and most retailers tend to offer huge discounts and offer on goods and services that day as it is regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season. So how do you get the best deals on this day, these tips will help you.


  • Check The Model Number

Ensure you check the model number and specifications of whatever product you are buying, products may share a brand name but not all electronics are created equally. Always research the product before paying for it. A bad product will remain a bad product no matter how cheap it may be sold.

  • Review Price Histories

Check price histories to confirm if indeed you are getting a good deal. Confirm if indeed the price is as low as it seems or if it was that low just a month ago. Some stores will return Black Friday products to MSRP before the Black Friday sales, so you should check out the price history of the product before parting with your money.

  • Use A New Browser

Dynamic or customer-based pricing has spread over from travel to retail and consumers are not going to be on the prevailing side of it. A website is able to detect previous visits and browsing patterns from your cookies and couple those data points against internal records to determine how much it thinks you are willing to pay. It is recommended that you use chrome browser and an incognito window for your Black Friday shopping.

Best Black Friday Deals Online
  • Act Fast

A good place to start is Travelstart Nigeria, don’t delay ordering hot-ticket items. If you allow them to linger in your online shopping cart, they will sell out fast. So buy doorbusters immediately and browser for other items at your leisure. Also, try to create a profile on the website you will be shopping on ahead of time so that you have your payment details set up to save you more time on the day.

  • Read Return Policies

Read the policies of the retailer to know if there will be an extended return window, if you will be charged restocking fees, or if you need to keep the original shipping box and packaging. Try to find out all these before making your purchase.

  • Shop With Discounted Gift Cards

If you know you will be spending a substantial amount of money on a certain store on Black Friday, search online for discounted gift cards of the store in advance. That way you get to save some money.

  • Go Scouting On Wednesday

Visiting a store earlier gives you a clue as to the layout of the store and also lets you know where the items you want will be displayed on Black Friday. This can give you a significant advantage of the day of the actual shopping.

Conclusion On How To Get The Best Black Friday Deals

Getting the best Black Friday deals to require proper planning and strategy which is why this article was written to furnish you with tips to help you make the most of the amazing deals and offers available on Black Friday. Reading this article will educate you on how to go about this.

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