Bank of Ghana Exchange Rate Today September { Dollars Euro Pounds CAD and More }

Bank of Ghana is the Central Bank of Ghana. The bank is located in the country’s capital, Accra and was established in 1957. The Official currency is called Ghana cedis. Ghana cedis (GHS) is the unit of currency of Ghana, the 4th and only legal tender in the Republic of Ghana. { On Bank of Ghana exchange rate today } The currency is divided into one hundred pesewas (Gp).

Bank of Ghana Exchange Rate

Ghana cedis became into use as the 4th currency of Ghana after she gained independence and needed to separate itself from the British West African pound. The first legal tender was the Ghanaian pound which was used between 1958 and 1965. By 1965, Ghana decided to change to their first cedis which was used between 1965 and 1967 before it then changed to the second which was used between 1967 to 2007. The forth cedis is the one currently in use,`introduced in 2007. This Ghana cedis (GHS) has 17% inflation rate. It has been said to have lost 75% of it value.


The below exchange rate was gotten directly from the Bank of Ghana website. It is paired 1 unit of another currency to the Ghana cedis

Currency Code Buying Selling
U.S Dollar USD 4.4159 4.4204
Pound Sterling GBP 6.1721 6.1793
Swiss Franc CHF 4.7438 4.7482
Australian Dollar AUD 3.4872 3.4938
Canadian Dollar CAD 3.5083 3.5102
Danish Kroner DKK 0.7343 0.7349
Japanese Yen JPY 0.0414 0.0415
New Zealand Dollar NZD 3.2484 3.2540
Norwegian Kroner NOK 0.5663 0.5665
Swedish Kroner SEK 0.5520 0.5523
S/African Rand ZAR 0.3780 0.3781
Euro EUR 5.4688 5.4727
Chinese Reminbi CNY 0.6953 0.6958
BCEAO XOF 119.86 119.95
Dalasi GMD 10.95 10.96
Ouguiya MRO 79.14 79.22
Naira NGN 69.13 69.20
Leone SLL 1747.35 1749.13
WAUA WAU 0.0873 0.0873
  1. US dollar
  2. Pound Sterling
  3. Euro
  4. Swiss Franc
  5. Canadian dollar
  6. Australian dollar
  7. Danish Kroner
  8. Japanese Yen
  9. New Zealand Dollar
  10. Norwegian Kroner
  11. Swedish Kroner
  12. S/African Rand
  13. Chinese Reminbi
  14. Naira
  15. Leone

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