Arik Air Baggage Allowance : All You Need To Know

Arik Air Baggage Allowance : All You Need To Know

Arik air is one of the biggest Nigerian based airlines, this airline operates local, regional and international flight. In Nigeria Arik air operates at two hubs which are the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja. { Arik Air Baggage Allowance }. The airline was founded by Mr. Michael Arumemi-Ikhide in the year 2002 and has witnessed massive growth over the years. Arik air owns a fleet of 24 aircrafts which flies to 26 local and international destinations.

All You Need To Know About Arik Air Baggage Allowance

Arik air provides baggage allowance for its passengers, the type of baggage allowance by the airline is grouped under the hand baggage, excess baggage, checked in free baggage and special baggage.

The above groups are fully explained below :

Hand Baggage : Arik Air hand baggage allowance is one piece weighing a maximum of 12 kg on International and Regional flights, maximum of 6 Kg on Domestic flights. A maximum dimensions allowed for the baggage is 55cms x 35 x 25cms. Few examples of hand baggage are: raincoat or overcoat, an umbrella, food item for infants, camera / video camera etc.

Checked In Free Baggage Allowance : The checked in free baggage allowance includes all items that have been weighted and carried in the aircraft, this baggages are not accessible to passengers during flight. For each passenger the maximum limit of luggage’s that can be allowed is 3, though the weight of the luggage allowed per passenger is determined by the class the person is flying in. For the Economy class a passenger cannot exceed 23kg of luggage while a person flying in the Premier class cannot exceed 32kg of luggage.

Excess Baggage : When flying with Arik Air you will be charged for any excess baggage in your local currency. The maximum amount of excess bag a passenger can carry is 10, though this remains subject to availability of space on the airline.

Special Baggage: Special baggage include ski equipment, bicycle, golf bags, surf and windsurf equipment, etc. Passengers are allowed to transport this item on the airline though this is also subject to availability of space on the aircraft.

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