Are Natural Alternatives Becoming More Popular? (2024)

Over the years the world has watched a few individuals become extremely wealthy by profiting off the illnesses of others. The term “Big Pharma” has come to have a negative connotation for many reasons, including the fact that they obviously put profits before people, thus selling palliatives in place of cures.

This system of selling palliatives instead of cures means that the customers keep coming back, ensuring the continued existence of “a market” for their products.

The system will not be changed by this article, but the article is inspired by change. It appears that the people are finding bitter chemical pills less appealing.

What Alternatives Are There?

Natural herbal remedies to most of the popular ailments have been around for a long time, a good example being CBD which has become increasingly popular over the last few years because of the many therapeutic benefits.

The CBD Spray UK market is plenty of evidence of this trend, or trend reversal; it shows that many citizens of the United Kingdom have found CBD Sprays to be efficient replacements for the many pills they have had to take.

They are taken for a variety of reasons, with some users taking them for multiple reasons including pain, headaches, and stress.

Nature Has The Cure

CBD is a product of the natural plants known as Cannabis. Actually, it is one of the 113 identified cannabinoids; one of the potentially curative components of these plants. A lot of research has been done about CBD, especially in the areas of cognition, pain, anxiety, and movement disorders.

CBD has been developed into a wide range of products; including sprays, tablets, gummies, vapor, oils, and so on. Of all the above, it appears that CBD Spray seems to be the most popular.

CBD is not the only thing that nature has to offer; plant based medicines seem to be the trend at the moment. Turmeric, Gingko, Evening Primrose Oil, Flax Seed, Garlic, and Papaya Seeds are just some of the more popular ones.

They take many forms; tablets, capsules, teas, gummies, tonics, tinctures, and so on.

Natural Products Are Gold

Natural products are shaping up to disrupt the world as it is today; not only are they becoming more mainstream every day, they are turning out to become quite economically important; meaning that money will be diverted from the traditional avenues.

This will open up new industries and new sectors of the economy; new money will be created, new jobs, and new research will be done to ensure that the benefits of these new products are fully understood.

For industrialists and investors, understanding natural products only means profits; while the profits are certainly attractive for some, they are dangerous for others.

This means Big Pharma will start to feel the sting as more and more people turn to natural products for the therapeutic benefits that they give. Big Pharma will not take this easy.

Resistance To Natural Products

As expected, there is plenty of resistance against natural products; a big example being the long and needless ban on Cannabis, which was achieved by associating it with crime, and by exaggerating the psychoactive effects.

Once again “Big Pharma” has managed to influence governments that natural products are useless; they have concocted research that say that many natural products do have any therapeutic benefits.

As a result, many natural products are not sold as medicinal products; they are sold as lifestyle products, or herbal dietary supplements, without a mention of the potential benefits to the health.

For example, CBD Spray is sold in the UK mostly without a word of its health benefits, which means it could be sold as a food supplement, a mood enhancers, or a “fun spray.”

Natural Products Are Selling

Despite the resistance, natural products are selling fast in the UK, and all over the world. CBD Spray in the UK is now sold by top online retailers like bringing the product to the user fast. Demand is growing as more people become aware of the therapeutic benefits, usually not from doctors or other medical professionals, but from their friends, whose judgment they trust more.

This may look like a unique occurrence, but it is not. A larger trend of people choosing an alternative lifestyle has been developing for at least two decades.

The increase in use of natural products is part of the trend of people following a natural lifestyle, including things like natural therapy, going vegan, avoiding genetically modified foods, practicing yoga, and so on.

What To Know About CBD Sprays

CBD Sprays come in many different flavors and strengths; although the most popular are Berry, Lemon, and Natural.

It seems that the best way to decide what flavors are best suited to the individual is to sample a few flavors until one finds something agreeable. As for the strengths, it is all about the concentration of the active ingredient.

Some sources advise that new users start with the least strength CBD sprays they can find. This is despite the fact that CBD Sprays are usually non drowsy, and do not have any psychoactive effects.

They usually come in small containers which can readily fit in a pocket, bag, purse or anything else, meaning that they can be carried anywhere one intends to go.


While natural products may be largely vilified in the media, that has not stopped their popularity from escalating. CBD Sprays seem a lot more “fun” than capsules or gummies- it appears a lot more recreational, and far less suspicious.