30 African Words For Queen And Source

In most parts of Africa, it is known that women are of utmost importance as they played numerous roles in the culture. Hence, women are usually given different names that mean “queen” as a sign of giving them the respect that they deserve. 

Some of these words are however named after past queens in the continent that are known for their braveness and wisdom. Some of these women even fought in different wars either beside kings or not. Hence, they are considered strong women and named Queens

In Africa today, there are over eighty (80) African words for Queen that are used and they include the following:

List of African Words For Queen

1. Aminatu 

This is gotten from Queen Aminatu, one of Africa’s most powerful queens. She was arguably Zazzau’s greatest champion.

2. Idia

This is another name for Queen in Africa and it was named after a queen who was Esigie’s mother. 

3. Nefertiti

This was gotten from one of the queens in Egypt and is regarded as one of Africa’s most well-known queens.

4. Ndlovukati

The name was gotten from a queen who was the new Ndlovukati and joint head of the province of Eswatini. She is popularly referred to as the Queen of Mother

5. Iyalode

This is used in Africa to denote Queen. It means the “Sovereign of women”. It is usually given to the most recognized and active women in the town.

6. Hangbe

This is another African word for Queen. It was gotten from the ruler of the kingdom of Dahomey. Hangbe is considered to be one of the most popular queens in the continent. 

7. Taitu

This was gotten from the former Empress of the Ethiopian Empire from 1889 to 1913. She was considered one of the famous Ethiopian queens on the continent.

8. Pokou

This is another African name for Queen. The name was gotten from a queen in Ivory Coast. The queen was the organizer of the Baoule clan in the Western part of the country. 

9. Iyoba

Named after the Iyoba of Benin who was the mother Esigie and all African female warriors.

10. Calafia

This queen name was gotten from a legendary figure that was named Queen Calafia in the United State territory of California.

11. Nanny

Gotten from The Queen Nanny of the Maroon, Nanny is an African word for Queen. She was also one of the popular queens in the history of the continent.

12. Cnandaces

Named after the Cnandaces of Meroe. The name was gotten from one of the upwards of eight Queens in Ethiopia known as Candaces (Kandake)

13. Ririkumutima

Gotten from Queen Regent of Burundi who reigned from 1908 till her demise. She is also one of the famous black Egyptian queens on the continent. 

14. Muhumuja

This was gotten from Queen Muhumuja and the word is known for strength and boldness. In fact, these were the characteristics of the queen originally known by the name.  The queen was known for fighting a battle in the nation of Uganda after her husband died and her son was denied the throne.

15. Nzinga

Named after Queen Nzinga who was known for fighting for her people in Ndongo when Portugal invaded the nation. 

16. Sarrounia Mangou

Sarrounia Mangou means sovereign or female boss in the Hausa Language. 

17. Nzingha

This was named after Queen Nzingha who is considered as the “Amazon Queen of Matamba”

18. Charlotte of Meckenlenburg-Strelitz

The name was gotten from a queen in Britain. It means the Sovereign of Great Britain and Ireland from her union with King George III

19. Lovedu Rain

Named after Queen of Balobedu who is a famous African princess in Africa.

20. Biloko

This is another name for queens in Africa. It means genealogical spirits that port toward the living

21. Erelu Kuti

Erelu Kuti is another name Queen name in Africa. Queen mother of Lagos was originally the pioneer of the name and she is a famous queen warrior in Africa. 

22. Efunsetan Aniwura

Named after a rich and influential woman that owned slaves, farms, and subordinates. 

23. Candace Amanirenas

The Candace Amanirenas of Meroe is considered one of the most popular women who won ideal terms from Augustus Caesar. 

24. Nubian

Nubian is the name of a famous queen in South Africa. 

25. Shanakdakhete

Named after an African warrior queen who administered the kingdom of kush in old Nubia from 170 to 150 BC

26. Nawidemak

Named after a queen in Africa of Kush. The queen is known for governing either right off the bat in the first century BC or the first century AD. The queen is also considered a popular princess in Africa culture. 

27. Malegereabar

It was used for the Candace of Kush (cutting edge Sudan) from 266 to 283 CE

28. Sheba

Sheba is a figure previously referenced in the Hebrew Bible. The name was named after a queen who is considered one of the popular queens of Africa.

29. Tiye

This name was given to a popular African queen. It is popularly known as The Nubian Queen of Kemet.

30. YAA Asantewa

This name was originally given to the Sovereign mother of Ejisu and she is also one of the popular black African queens in the Ashanti Empire.

There are different names for queens in Africa. Each of these names is given to females as a sign of respect to them as they are generally considered queens.