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dollar to naira exchange rate today black market
dollar to naira exchange rate today black market


How Much Is Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market { Updated Daily }

The Naira to dollar exchange rate though pegged at an official rate of of N305 per $1 had been at what might be best described as free fall in the black market .

Though in recent days it has been fluctuating, currently at a rate of

  • N370 – buy per $ 1

  • N380 – sell per $ 1

This rate isn’t encouraging , in fact, many Nigerians now spend more buying less, an act that shouldn’t be. I would be highlighting below reasons why it is so. To check this page for any changes in the dollar rate, save or bookmark the link below

Save this page URL – NaijaQuest.Com/Dollars

dollar to naira exchange rate today black market
dollar to naira exchange rate today black market


Nigeria as a country imports more than it export. This shouldn’t be so. The ridiculous part of the whole scenario is we import things like pampers and toothpick many some countries to see us as consuming countries rather a producing country. You may think there is nothing wrong with this but a deep look into it would show you that we are strengthening the dollars against the Naira since most international transactions are in dollars. We need to become a producing country so we could have more to export aside oil.


In Nigeria, make a quality product and label it ‘made in Nigeria,’ and you would see low level of patronage. In the other way round, make an inferior product and label it made in US, Italy, Japan or even China and you would see how it would be rushed. This obsession for foreign products had made our importers import more exchanging our Naira for the dollars which had decrease the value of Naira.

This obsession had even gone to another level that we now prefer services rendered by persons from foreign countries who would demand to be paid in their own currency rather than our own. Nigerians fly out to study outside the country and go for other services like medication, conferences, seminars etc. It would be better if we can strike a balance in this. There is a recent campaign in Nigeria which is the ‘buy 9ja to grow the Naira,’ many people had no yet accepted it.


public officers who are supposed to be custodians of our collective wealth had turned around to become the ones looting it. When they loot, they change this money into dollar and stock them in foreign accounts, this had been the major source of Naira devaluation.


it is no news that Nigeria demands largely on oil exports for it revenue and it is also no news that this oil had lose value in the world market in recent years due to various reasons. This had led to a reduction in our revenue which had also affected the Naira. If only we can diversify to grow the Naira.


The policies been made by the Government had been a reason to. Just recently, there had been an outcry from some quarters that the Government had technical devalued the Naira, an allegation that the Government denied. Either way, many foreign investors had lost trust in the economy and had refused to invest. This among other reason had been the reason Naira is depreciating again the dollar.

In conclusion to how much Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market , I would like both the citizens and the Government to give a helping hand to the Naira before it becomes am object of ridicule like the Zimbabwe currency.

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  6. 16years the naira go to usd 1$ from 120 to 160 naira ,but this only one year naira gos to 425 for 1$ ,can someone explains please what is happening here

  7. Seems the dollar is just going high and low with out control. Na wa for naija. I had to order for a Dollar Mastercard to safe myself from all this non regulated charges naijatec.blogspot com

  8. yea,it’s cool and even better off if it can get
    higher than this coz it’s helps hand working fingers pls help us tell the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT to work on that…GOD bless hard working niggaz and hard working fingerz…

  9. True talk but who is going to put some sense in the government because, obviously it shows that they can’t read or think right because they think with there ass not the brain. i think the best way is to take them to a surgical room and fix this things to there brain..

  10. how much is dollar in nigeria

    • Hi Oladele Busola
      The current dollar to naira rate is what you have in the post above, { the quoted part }. The rate in the post is always updated to reflect the current parallel / black market exchange rate.

  11. Very sad that naira exchange rates keep depreciating by the day


    Please i need updates on rate of dollar to naira.

  13. tell this to the president . he is doing bullshit

  14. When u hv an kkkkkk for a president and an kkkkk as finance minister .. what do u expect? Businessmen are crying and yahoo bo ys are still blowing hard currencies lyk kkkk recession .. so much for fighting corruption

  15. Talk,talk. tell us something new.tell us way forward in the current situation.do not say ‘Nigerians like foreign pampers’.what about u? say u like foreign things. who are “Nigerians”?u r telling us copy&paste theories. How many things are you yourself manufacturing and exporting? can ur product meet up with standard. when NEPA takes light while your quality control staff is in d lab, what kind of result do you think the whites expect from a lab without common NEPA light.dont blame Nigerians for liking foreign things.blame yourself.afterall what ssl,CMS, hosting provider are you using for this website? did u not see web4africa hosting providers? my people,first things first, abok should provide light and road, eliminate multiple taxation and provide access to loans for startups. I trust Nigerians we know what to do next.who said we dont like earning money in dollars (through export).abi my pips? no country can sustain manufacturing, research etc without constant light. period.

  16. Business mogul, I love ur comment, if government really ready to diversify our economy they should start from this ur points. Thanks

  17. I want daily update of the black market rate of Euros.

  18. Is it decreasing?

  19. Question:How much will I get if I exchange 200 USD to Naira through Black market? Is it 407 Naira per 1 USD?

    Also if I do it through Black Market and exchange to Naira, I could go back to the bank and exchange it back to USD for more money, is that true?

    I don’t know if my question makes sense, but I’m kinda confused with how it worKS, you answer is appreciated:)

    • The current exchange rate at of today at the parallel market is 460. So if you have $200 multiply by 460 will give you 92,000naira. Regarding your question about recycling the naira back to dollar by going to change it in the bank. No bank in Nigeria will give you dollar. Its left for you to use your head and find your own little secrete. Enjoy……..!!!

  20. Send me emails on dollar rate for black market

  21. I hope one our writers will be more objective than this. Toothpicks and toothpastes are not our problem. The major problem is the importation of refined crude. This forces the dollar up and the naira down on demand and supply. Natural scarcity and artificial scarcity for dollar.
    Poor economic policies on cheap political gains. There are close local made substitutes for commodities imported to this country but the economic policies are not favourable to them strive in the economy. Why? The differal margin is slim and there by encourage more imports as a result the call for Usd increases and value ups.
    The market force in NGR is fuelled on the cost on transportation.
    These two exchange rate and cost of transportation. Implementing a policy to fix the cause for importing refined crude will ease the economy both internationally and locally.
    When this problem is fixed the inflation will rate drop and stable.


    Send me emails on dollar rate for black market.

  23. Send me emails on dollar rate for black and official market.

  24. how much is currently dollar in nigeria at the market now pls let me know thanks

    • Hello Segun,
      sent to your mobile, also know that the current dollar to naira parallel market rate is always update with the post above every time it changes, so you can bookmark this page url to for updated rates ” naijaquest.com/dollars ”

  25. pls. send me rate of dollar to naira daly , my email below

  26. pls. send me rate of dollar to naira dally

    • Hello Abdullahi Akanbi,
      We are actively working towards that, so please be patient with, we surely notify you when that service is ready

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  30. I have some dollar my sister sent from US. Anybody interested? About 2000dollars and I am selling at 460/dollar. D bizness guy i sell to has traveled to China. if interested drop your contact. Fraudsters stay off.. or else..

  31. how can i exchange dollars on black market rate from USA

  32. Ruru please am interested, 08035547233

  33. please what is dollar rate today

  34. Oh well, I feel so glad to come across this website, I love the fact it’s been updated every day! Thanks for the good job admin. Meanwhile i have a suggestion to what you wrote in this article on here… since Nigeria is yet to come together and produce numerous goods which they can be exporting to those foreign countries especially the America herself, maybe we should encourage our yahoo boys to keep chatting those white people and get them to sending plenty foreign currency into our country. I think that will also devalue the $$ somehow. It’s just a suggestion since a most young guys don’t even have the minimum capital to start up an exportation business, I think there stories and conversations with the foreigners should fetch them income since that’s the service they can render to the foreigners now. Never mind me, just being silly. Lol

    • Hello Osmoy
      Such should never be encouraged, there are 100 plus needed services that Jobless Nigerian can take advantage of, online. Most youth just need the right guide and education.

  35. Hi, I did like you to send me daily Naira to US dollar and Naira to Aus dollar exchange rate daily.


  36. As far as Nigeria is concerned, it is only God who can stop what is happening in this country. He either comes by destroying this country or killing all the people who are behind our sufferings like He did in Egypt.

  37. Nice share!

  38. I need constant updates

  39. please what is the exchange rate for dollar to naira now

  40. Ubong Robson Johnson

    This is good

  41. Thanks for sharing these rates

  42. Answer Onyekachi Azuoma

    This site is lovely

  43. This is a good practise, thanks. I Miss the days of 1 Naira = 1 Dollar.

  44. This is simple theory when a nation can’t produce for exportation,how can it earn foreign currency? It is basically impossible. This is the bottomline, the nation wants to earn foreign currency but the infrastructure has kept her from performing the necessary functions that will lead her in earning foreign currency. The government structure will help in this aspect by putting all necessary infrastructure in place. like the power sector and to look for alternative energy that will help the country’s power to be boosted. The country’s economy has to be diversified, oil dependency needs to be stopped, focusing on other areas where the country can create avenue to boosts its economy, like mining, agriculture, manfacutring,etc. In consideration, have we looked into our attitudes? Are we patriotic? Many of us we don’t appreciate our local products and the same time the environment is not conducive for locals and foreign investors, more works need to be done on transportation. The country has to develop its road network in order to boost its locals and foreign investors. It has to create more institutions or develop those that it has before to be more effective to handle all necessary sectors. The country’s man power is good and people are ready to work, and getting people to work, the jobs have to be there, though, it is not going to be magical but with continue persistence the nation will achieve its dream to be among the nation to be proud of.

  45. Thanks bro, dollar keeps gaining on the naira in the blackmarket, this is vey serious

  46. Please what is the current naira exchange rate today?

  47. Very very useful too me….Thanks a lot for the update.

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