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Write For Us

Write For Us

NaijaQuest has made a decision to open it’s doors for bloggers hoping to have their posts published on this blog as a guest. This offer is mostly open to bloggers in this niche and closely related ones.

Please Note: We are only accepting four post per month, guest posts after the fourth in a month will be queued up for the following month

  • How it benefits you as a Finance/Business blogger?

For every submitted post that is deemed worthy and accepted, the author will be giving a platform to promote his blog and to do this, we’re making sure every author of submitted guest posts will be opened to the advantages highlighted below.

  • Flow of natural and organic traffic to your respective blogs.
  • Inbound link.
  • A brief note about your person, your niche and your blog will be included right below your post.

Requirements for posting a guest post

  • Article must be creatively crafted and informative, there’s a high chance of it being published if it’s related to business, finance, entrepreneurship, forex, insurance, richest lists, poorest lists, money etc. Main point is, it must be centered around our niche related issues.
  • Articles targeted towards a low or medium keywords preferred.
  • A minimum of 800 words for each article.
  • Submitting an article for a blog post, you agree to not publish that same post anywhere else as it’ll in more ways than one affect our blog negatively.
  • Uniqueness is key.
  • Articles already existing on the internet will not be accepted in whatever form its presented.
  • Cunny acts such as trying to subtly promote your products and services are frowned upon.
  • We also reject promotion of companies, products/services.
  • Articles with perfect use of English is a plus, ones with several grammatical blunders will definitely be rejected.

Other Guidelines

  • Always remember to include your bio at the end of your guest post.
  • We’ll take care of pictures to be used in every guest posts, you’re only privileged to include one that’s created by you.
  • Included link in the article must be related to the post topic.
  • Sponsored links in articles are prohibited.
  • Company links and all other links that are unrelated to the article will be purged.
  • Links to adult platforms will be penalized.
  • You can add only one do follow link to your blog/website by completing your profile.
  • Linking to third party writers/freelancers ain’t our thing and we won’t agree to such under no circumstances.

How to proceed further?

If your guest post meets the above requirements, simply forward your articles to Submitted guest posts will be processed in order of submission, it may take more than a day or less.

Thanks for your contributions to NaijaQuest!

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