VIOLENCE IN NIGERIA – Causes And Solutions {2020}

We decided to take a look at the possible solutions and major causes of Violence in Nigeria from a different angle – NaijaQuest.

Over the years, Nigeria has been fertile ground for the perpetration of various acts of violence. From ethnic conflicts to religious conflicts to terrorist attacks, violence seems to be a never-ending trend without leaving out domestic violence in Nigeria. It evolves over time, from the use of traditional weapons of warfare to more sophisticated weapons.

Violence In Nigeria – Causes, And Solutions

This year has witnessed many exemplary acts of violence in Nigeria. The Fulani herdsmen killing, Bokoharam bombings are not left out, killing a lot of people in their quest for blood. The Biafrans have also awoken with their quest for secession last year. Violence in Nigeria has its root causes, and it is a matter of national importance to examine and address them.

Major Causes Of Violence In Nigeria

  • Unemployment

Unemployment: The high rate of unemployment among the youths is one of the most common factors that cause conflict. The initiators of conflict capitalize on the idleness of the youths and use them as a tool to wreak havoc by enticing them with money.

  • The Nation’s Economy

Bad Economy: due to the recent economic recession, things have become hard for the common man. The standard of living has increased to an unbearable level for many. This incites many to take to the streets to vent out their anger on the government.

  • Corruption

Corruption: in Nigeria, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There is a high rate of corruption among Nigerian leaders. Embezzlement of public funds has become the order of the day for many. When the masses feel that they have been slighted, violent acts occur as a sign of revolt against the government.

  • Ethnicity and Religion 

Sentiments about ethnicity and religion: from time immemorial, Nigerians have always been overly protective of their religion and their tribal groups. Many have turned to religious and ethnic fanatics and are willing to do anything in the name of their tribe and or religion.

  • Politics

Political Instability: The history of Nigeria’s failed attempts at good governance inspires ethnic groups like the Igbos to seek secession. They believe that the government had not treated them well enough and thus, is incapable of governing them.

Solutions To Violence In Nigeria

  • Jobs

Creation of Jobs: The government should find ways to create jobs for the teeming youth population. Skill acquisition workshops should be set up to help many young people start a business of their own. The government should also start partnering with private to make this possible.

  • Economy

Growth in the Economy: Nigeria’s economic recession should be quickly addressed by the government with a view to mitigating it in the nearest future. This should be their number one priority.

  • The Judiciary

Reforming the Judiciary: the Judiciary should be strengthened and transformed to prosecute the corrupt leaders fairly. This would serve as a deterrent to others and reduce the rate of corruption.

  • Dialogue

Dialogue: Ethnic groups should be encouraged and engaged in positive dialogues to settle pending issues. This method of approach is much more mature than the use of force which always results in the destruction of lives and property.

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