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An interesting research into the types of prison in Nigeria. Crime today in the modern society seems to be at an increasing rate yet only a few people are bold and giant enough to come out publicly to announce he is a criminal or one of the notorious criminal the country is in search of, all these are as a result of not wanting to go to prison, as a matter of fact, no family or home in Nigeria will be happy to have a child who is going to prison, the most important thing all Nigerian parents are scared and run from is the scene of seeing their child go to prison or been annihilated for one crime or the other.


The following listed are the prisons in Nigeria in which they vary in capacity and types of criminal that is being sent to these prisons. Take for example most political or ex-official that are found wanting in one way or the other are being sent o Kuje prison why notorious offenders like armed robbers, hired assassins, kidnappers are been sent to Kirikiri maximum prison to be under close and tight surveillance so as to avoid the criminal to escape and also to keep a very close sanctions on the criminal if he can be rehabilitated to be useful for the society at large.

Different Types Of Prison In Nigeria

  • Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison Lagos
  • Kuje Medium Prison.
  • Gashua Maximum Prison Yobe state
  • Kuje Medium Prison is located in Kuje, Kuje Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)
  • Abakiliki Prison.
  • Gboko prison in Benue
  • Yola Prison.
  • Ikoyi prisons Lagos
  • Kirikiri medium security prison
  • Jimeta prison in Damaturu

Like the common saying in a society where there is no law, there is no crime, which literally connotes no society can stay without having a backing or standing orders to promote peace, unity and avoid any form of rowdiness in the society. Many nations today enjoy the peace the nation deserves due to checks and taking law and punishment into full practice, many offenders have been prosecuted and sanction appropriately according to how the constitution stipulate it.

Types Of Prison In Nigeria

Types Of Prison In Nigeria

It will be of great importance to know, many offenders are not just killed or fined just like it occurs to many, many are kept in the prison for some years according to the level of their offenses. Today we will be writing on the type of prison in Nigeria


A prison is a place that is well constructed to keep and prevent the offender from having free access to the larger society. Also, it can be seen as a place where punishment is meted out to the various offender or people who go against the law and order of a particular country. Over years, offenders have been given instant judgment that varies from killing, fine, flog or other appropriate order given but some still find way of going back to the offence they were punished for not too long, so as to keep offender out of reach and out of their comfort zones where they can easily melt out evil to their neighbors, a prison was suggested to keep such offenders.


The history and overview of Nigeria prison cannot be discussed without making mention of the invention of 1861 government establishment which was clearly the existence of formal government in Nigeria after Lagos was named the colony of Lagos then. Immediate after the establishment of a governing body in the nation, there was the establishment of the police force, and also four courts in Lagos. Establishment of these force and courts were to look into issues that might arise from a trade, slave trade and menial issues. Not too long after series of cases were treated, there was a need for the prison to keep offenders, in 1872 there was the establishment of a prison in Lagos which is known as the broad street prison.

Further development was seen after the British were on high move to Nigeria under the leadership of the British empires, as there was resistance from the people and the best way to keep these people under watch is to have a place to keep them as an erring member of the society so as to deter others from joining the force. By the year 1910, there are erected structure for prison in Ibadan, Calabar, Degma etc.

Still On The Types Of Prison In Nigeria


This is the body responsible solely for the keeping of the prison records, oversee the affairs of all the prison in Nigeria. They are responsible for the feeding of the inmate and to list out the record of those to be killed by hanging and see to serving of punishment by offenders. This body has undergone a series of development up to the current state it is, currently it has offices in over the 36 states of the country and also different subcommands in different local governments and about 144 prisons, also different farms where they take prisons to work on, also, they are having prisons college where they train warders and different prisons officials    


  • To keep an offender in the close look of officials
  • To rehabilitate gross offenders
  • To reduce the numbers of criminals and offenders in the street
  • Avoid further loose of properties


In Nigeria, prison compares to other countries prison, no criminal which to go to any of these prisons just because of the way the prisons look like and the setup of the prisons. Lack of good food for inmates, bad accommodation as most room are leaking and lack furniture where an inmate can take rest. Also, the manner of health facilities present in Nigeria prison today is as bad as 1900 century prions. No relaxation and games to keep inmates lively.



We have close look at a prison in Nigeria, what prisons are and management that are in charge of the prisons. Also, we have discussed the major purpose why prisons are been set up in addition we have to write about the just a brief history about prisons in Nigeria and how they got to existence.

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