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Top 5 most Popular Mobile Phone Brands in Nigeria 2015 / 2016

Top 5 most Popular Mobile Phone Brands in Nigeria 2015

Tecno Camon C8

Mobile phone has taken a major place in our lifes, from just getting across to other people at a different location to the point it has taking over has our number 1 companion, for example samsung nick name one its phone release, life companion – {how about that}

As important and popular the places of phones in our lifes and various activities. Some mobile phone brands have taken advantage of the need and constant wants for upgrade of these gadgets.

So out of curiosity, we decided to check which Mobile phone brands are the most popular for the year 2015 so far in Nigeria using Google trends.

So according to Google Trends through
The top 5 most Popular Mobile Phone Brands in Nigeria during the year 2015
We decided to divided this into two For both International Brand and local Brands
For International we include the top 5. Samsung, blackberry, nokia, iPhone and tecno,
yep tecno made it to that list because they still beat the likes of huawei, htc and co.


No. 5, TECNO

They saw the market, they took it and the rest is history . . . well not all, its like the company behind tecno is also behind itel and infinix … hmmn not sure O.


iPHONE the baba for international countries, with all the noise and huge user base, well newsflash in Nigeria Android rules, atleast for now.

No. 3, NOKIA

I know too, buh they are still there, even after the ellop effect {for those who know what am talking about} but I can remember the days of NOkIA 3310, hmmmn Nokia


The Blackberry users are like the die hard liverpool fans, never say die. Coming in number 2 most popular within Naija, Blacberry


They stand as number one competitor against Iphone in the international market and flagship bearer of the Android OS.
Samsung sit as the number 1 most popular mobile phone brands in Nigeria 2015 so far.

Followup post coming soon for the second part including the likes of gionee, Itel, Infinix etc.

There you have it the country’s best. Get your thought across to me through the comment, and remember share the post with your friends and like us of Facebook¬†or follow us on


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Updated: April 17, 2018 — 2:52 pm

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