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Short Of Cash! Top 10 Businesses You Can Do In Nigerian Universities

Top 10 businesses to do in a nigerian universities

Fortunately most of this businesses requires no special knowledge

1: Laundry Business We have a lot of students who do not like to do their laundry themselves, some due to busy schedule including lecturers and non teaching staff, If you can create a brand / name for yourself through quality – then you are good to go

2: Business Centre – Photocopy and Printing We all make use of this in school, printing, photocopy, reports, assignments, receipt, project works and the list continues.

3: Online registration for fellow student We currently in a age where most tertiary / universities registration are done online. Doing online registration for students is a cool way to make money.

4: Selling of Snacks / Canteen / Eatery Depending of how much you have, you can start selling snacks, or get a space, and employ someone to sell it on your behalf, or start an eatery or a canteen, mosts student are too busy to cook their food.

5: Writing of Projects and Research Work Depending on how good you are academically and with doing research – this is a sure way to make money if you don’t mind being busy.

6: Doing Assignment for Fellow Students there are always lazy of students that are too social for their own good, wont mind someone else doing their assignment for them – you can be the goto guy for such in your departments.

7: Video Game Center all game and no play makes jack a dull boy, yeah we work hard and we play hard too, and you can make a cool money while others have a fun blasts.

8: Football Viewing Center This is related to number 7, alot of us loves football, sport – and there is money in it too.

9: Tutorials Tutorial sells alot in school, while everybody search for and easier way to get good grades you can help those in lower level out with it.

10: Selling of Cloths / Boutique Go for customized, original, cool label cloths at best price then you got yourself a cool busniess and its applicable in different nigerian universites.

Bonus option blogging the right way If you blog in the right way, with appropriate research and do it in a proper way then you are setting yourself for a wonderful way of having constant cash flow in your bank account

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Updated: March 28, 2016 — 8:50 am

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