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Top 5 Richest Country in Africa 2017 by GDP

Top 5 Richest Country in Africa 2017 by GDP

The top 5 country ranking are based on GDP per captia of the various counties in Africa. This is most commonly accepted means of ranking because it takes into consideration the not just the countries with the largest economy but also the richness and purchasing power of the average resident of each country.
the richest country in Africa 2017

1. Seychelles 25,624 (GDP per capita)

Seychelles is currently the richest country in Africa 2017 with gdp per capita of $25,624. Seychelles is a nation that consist of of 116 islands with population of approximately 92,000 people. Their wealth is due much to the plenty coastline and open door shipments. They are among the best place for tourism and shopping resorts in Africa. Also they have some of the best shorelines in the world.

2. Algeria 14,8024 (GDP per capita)

Algeria is the second wealthiest country in Africa with gdp per capita income of 14,802. They are the second largest oil maker in Africa, in addition to being home to alot of mineral resources including iron, lead, copper, zinc and meucury

3. SouthAfrica 13,078 (GDP per capita)

South Africa is the third on the richest African countries ranking with $13,078 gdp per capital. the country is known as the largest Africa energy producer and also the largest consumer. They also have a booming travels and tourism sector

4. Tunisia 11,896.99 (GDP per capita)

Tunisia is with a $11,896.99 GDP per capita, is the fourth richest African country 2017. This position is reached not just because of their oil wealth, but also due to their wonderful tourism attractions and places. Also Tunisia is home to auto manufacturing parts.

5. Egypt $11,443 (GDP per capita)

the fifth ranked most wealthiest country in Africa is Egypt with GDP per capita of $11,443. Oil and Tourism; Egypt is regarded as the cradle of civilization with numerous historical temples, Pyramids, sculptures and famous monument that now serve as populous tourism attractions for people from all over the world. Egypt is also one of the highest oil producer in Africa.

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Updated: August 20, 2017 — 6:04 pm

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