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Poorest Country in Africa 2017, Top 20 By GDP

The Poorest Country in Africa 2017, Top 25 GDP per capita

How ofter do you ask Which country is the poorest in Africa . Africa is one of the richest continent in the world interms of land-soil, favourable weather and many more, but has rich as the continent is, its total different story to most countries as Africa serve has site for some of the poorest country in the world. NaijaQuest takes a look into the List of Top 25 Poorest country in Africa 2017 interms of GDP per capita.
Before we move into that, there is always the question of how the this poor African country remain poor without growth even with the support and aids some of them received from foreign countries, the answer lies in the occurrence of civil wars, greed and Corruption resulting in diversion and embezzling public funds, lack of education, poor infrastructural development and economic polices and many more…
GDP per capita

Starting from Number 25, The List of Top 25 of the Poorest Countries in Africa 2017 are;

25. Chad – GDP Per Capita: 1,053.8 USD
24. Tanzania – GDP Per Capita: 998.1 USD
23. Lesotho – GDP Per Capita: 995.5 USD
22. Zimbabwe – GDP Per Capita: 935.9 USD
21. Comoros – GDP Per Capita: 860.8 USD
20. Benin – GDP Per Capita: 825.2
19. Sierra Leone – GDP Per Capita: 788.4 USD
18. Mali – GDP Per Capita: 765.7 USD
17. Burkina Faso – GDP Per Capita: 720.0 USD
16. Uganda – GDP Per Capita: 677.4 USD
15. Rwanda – GDP Per Capita: 652.1 USD
14. Togo – GDP Per Capita: 646.1 USD
13. Mozambique – GDP Per Capita: 619 USD
12. Eritrea – GDP Per Capita: 590.2 USD
11. Guinea-Bissau – GDP Per Capita: 585.6 USD
10. Ethiopia – GDP Per Capita: 567.8 USD
9. Democratic Republic of the Congo – GDP Per Capita: 475.2 USD
8. Liberia – GDP Per Capita: 461.0 USD
7. Madagascar – GDP Per Capita: 449.4 USD
6. Niger – GDP Per Capita: 440.7 USD

Still on the Poorest Country in Africa 2017

5. The Gambia – GDP Per Capita: 422.8 USD

the gambia place to visit
The Gambia has GDP per capita of $422.8. The nation is among the smallest country in Africa. A country that depends on Agriculture for its major income, they are constantly faced with increasingly erratic rainfall, food price volatility and financial crises.

4. Central African Republic – GDP Per Capita: 378.6 USD

central african republic waving flag
Central African Republic has GDP per capita of $378.6. A country blessed and rich in alot of natural resources like gold, oil, diamond, uranium etc. but having extreme rate of corruption, poor governance and illetracy. Central African Rep. is ranked among the countries with the highest prevelence of HIV / AIDS.

3. Burundi – GDP Per Capita: 295.1 USD

burundi woman dancing
Burundi is ranked 180 out of 186 in the last Human Development Index, with GDP per capita of $295.1 and riddled with political crises the country has yet to see growth since the end of its civil war in 2005

2. Malawi – GDP Per Capita: 253.0 USD

poorest nation in africa 2016 / 2017
With over half of her population earning less than $1 per day, Malawi currently has GDP per capita of $253.0 and is one of the poorest nation in Africa. According to the Malawian President, Malawi is facing numerous economic challenges and desperately needs donor support

1. Somalia – GDP Per Capita: 128.1 USD

somalia the poorest country in the world 2016
Somalia is the poorest country in Africa 2016 with GDP per capita 128.1. The Somalian economy is considered as the most underdeveloped economy in the world with large portion of the population living in extreme poverty. As much as 50% of the population are homeless. The most visible viable industry in the country is Agriculture and Leather process which accounts for less than 10% of the population. Most kids grew up with the dream of becoming a pirate cause that’s where money is.

That’s it for Poorest Country in Africa 2017, Top 25 GDP per capita, Share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment box and like us on facebook @ or follow us on twitter @ Thanks.

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Updated: August 20, 2017 — 6:04 pm

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  1. Africa countries will ever remain poorest in the world because they have to many devilish rulers who only what the best for their self and not considering the masses.
    God have mercy!

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