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Netflix South Africa ; FAQ and How to Setup Netflix in South Africa

Netflix South Africa ; FAQ and How to Setup Netflix in South Africa

Netflix arrival in South Africa is no news again, buh there are some frequently asked questions about the Biggest Online Streaming service in the world.

So NaijaQuest will take each FAQ through this step by step Netflix guide for beginners.


  1. What is Netflix

Netflix is an online video streaming service, the are currently the biggest in the world with alot of rich tv videos and shows available to their subscribers. Netflix is available in different languages.

2. How do I signup / setup Netflix and How much is Netflix Plans in South Africa

Step 1: To sign up or setup for Netflix, just goto
Step 2: click on the red button “Start Your Free Month”
Step 3: On The second page, you will have three different plan to choose from. Below are the three plans and price in South African Rand {at R16 per dollar}

  • Netflix Basic Plan for $7.99 / R128

First Month free, You can cancel anytime, watch unlimited movies and tv shows, you can also watch on your laptop, tv, smartphones and tablet. With this plan you won’t have access to hd or ultra hd and can only watch from a single device at a time.

  • Netflix Standard Plan for $9.99 / R160

You enjoy all the specs in the basic plan, with ability to Netflix on two different device at the same time. Plus access to HD.

  • Netflix Premium Plan for $11.99 / R192

With the Netflix Premium Plan, you have access to everything in the basic plan plus ability to use it on 4 different device at the same time. also ability to access HD and Ultra HD version.

Step 4: Click the plan of your choice, below click on continue

Step 5: You will be asked to enter your email and password to sign up

Step 6: Verify from your email and enter your payment details

The first time you log into Netflix, you will be asked to “chose 3 genre you like” to assist in recommending videos and tv shows for you, don’t worry you can change that later.

3. How do I reduce data consumption

This is important for those that has data cap from their internet service provider. You can goto the “Manage Video Quality” page. it has 3 different option for those that are watching their data usage. For those using desktop of computer, you can control your streaming quality by just pressing CTRL+SHFT+ALT+S


Netflix Short cuts, for laptop or computer system users

  • SPACE BAR – Play/pause
  • ENTER: Play/pause
  • ‘F’ Key – Full screen
  • ESC – Exit Full Screen
  • PAGE UP – Play
  • PAGE DOWN – Pause
  • UP ARROW – Volume Up
  • DOWN ARROW – Volume down
  • ‘M’ Key – Mute
  • SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW – Fast forward
  • SHIFT + LEFT ARROW – Rewind

That’s it for Netflix South Africa : FAQ and How to Setup Netflix in South Africa, share your thought with us and like us on facebook @ or follow us on


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Updated: April 17, 2018 — 2:52 pm

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