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Duties Of Nigerian Police Force NPF : All U Need To Know

Duties Of Nigerian Police

This post talks about the duties of Nigerian Police Force (NPF) as stated by the Nigerian constitution. The Nigerian Police Force is the primary law enforcement agency in Nigeria and with a staff strength of about 372,000. The Nigerian Police is currently headed by IGP Ibrahim Kpotun Idris and was first established in the year 1820 beginning with officers from Imo State. The first individual to have the highest rank in all the Nigerian police is Commissioner General Colonel KK.

Duties of Nigerian police

Duties of Nigerian Police Force

Provision of the powers of Nigeria Police Force was stated in Section 23 of the police Act, and the force was created under Section 194 of the 1979 constitution as with exclusive jurisdiction throughout the country. There are also constitutional provision for the establishment of separate branches of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), “forming part of the armed forces of the Federation or for their protection of harbours, waterways, railways and airfields.” Examples of such branch is the Port Security Police, the Mobile Police (MOPOL) and lots more.

According to the provision of the Nigerian constitution the Nigerian Police Force are allowed to perform the following function;

{ Duties Of Nigerian Police }

  • Power to arrest offender(s)
  • Power to prevent commission of an offense
  • Protection of lives and property
  • Power to detect crime
  • Power to maintain law and order
  • Power to investigate matters
  • Power to search etc.

One of the most important powers conferred on the Nigerian Police is the power to arrest, this has been so important over the years and cannot be deal without as long as the Nigerian Police Force is concerned.

The Nigerian Police Force maintains a three-tier administrative structure of departments, zonal and state commands

The following are the departments, and their responsibilities ;

{ Duties Of Nigerian Police }

  • Department of Finance and Administration : They are tasked with General administration and Finance.
  • Department of Operations : They are tasked with Crime prevention, Public Order, Public Safety. 
  • Department of Logistics and Supply : They perform the duties of Works and Police Estate Management. 
  • Department of Criminal Investigation : They are in charge of investigations. 
  • Department of Training and Development : This is the Human Resource department of the Nigerian Police Force. 
  • Department of Research and Planning : They handle statistics and Data. 
  • Department of Information Technology : They perform duties relating to ICT and communication management.

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