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Richest Football Clubs in the World : Top 20 in 2016

Top 20 Richest Football clubs in the world 2016

Though its hard to pin point how much a clubs is valued because there are so many different deciding factors to be considered but Forbes has been producing list of top 50 richest clubs in the world for most part of the last 10 years and Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona has dominated the list of the top richest football clubs in the world over the past years.

richest football clubs in the world 2016 world's richest soccer team in the world

To determine the world richest club factors like clubs match day income, what country a club is from, the success of the club on the field and its impact on the market value, social presence worldwide, high profile kit deals, shirt sponsorship, the total yearly revenue and also the debt situation of the club would all have to be put into concrete consideration.

Starting from 2005 when Manchester United were widely considered the richest football club in the world and that too by a wide margin but Real Madrid managed to close the gap on Manchester United in the late 2000’s and they managed to take the number 1 spot in 2011.
Real Madrid is currently the most valuable football team in the world and this is for a fourth year in a row. They lead the way from their Catalan rival Barcelona, with Manchester United sitting in third place.

Forbes also said that the current top 20 teams are collectively worth 24% more than the top 20 teams that filled those positions. about 12 months ago. Forbes cited increased income from television contracts and also improved kit deals as the reason for this sharp rise.

The study by Forbes also said Real Madrid is ranked as the second richest sports team in the world as they rank behind only the Dallas Cowboys which is currently valued at £2.77 billion, making them richest sports team in the world.

Below is Forbes List of the Top 20 Richest Football Clubs in the World 2016 :

S/N Club Country Net worth
1. Real Madrid Spain €577 Million
2. Barcelona Spain €560 Million
3. Manchester United England €519 Million
4. Paris Saint Germain France €480 Million
5. Bayern Munich Germany €474 Million
6. Manchester City England €463 Million
7. Arsenal England €435.5 Million
8. Chelsea England €420 Million
9. Liverpool England €391.8 Million
10. Juventus England €323.9 Million
11. Borussia Dortmund Germany €280.6 Million
12. Tottenham England €257.5 Million
13. Shalke 04 Germany €219.7 Million
14. AC Milan Italy €199.1 Million
15. Athletico Madrid Spain €187.1 Million
16. Roma France €180.4 Million
17. News Castle United England €169.3 Million
18. Everton England €165.1 Million
19. Inter Milan England €164.8 Million
20. West Ham United England €160.9 Million

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