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Nigerian Bank Exchange Rate Today May 2017

Nigerian Bank Exchange Rate Today May 2017

With the current currency fluctuation in Nigeria, there is more need than ever to keep a close look on all the major foreign currency to Naira exchange rate . We decided to compile all the possible banks in Nigeria exchange rate . Our list of Nigerian bank exchange rate will be updated frequently to give you fresh rate for your businesses and foreign exchange needs.

nigerian bank exchange rate today latest

Below are the List Major Banks in Nigeria With Different Currency Rate

Access Bank Exchange Rate

  • Access Bank dollar Exchange Rate – 375 Naira to 1 USD
  • Access Bank Canadian dollar exchange rate – 250+ Naira to 1 CAD
  • British Pounds Bank Rate – 479 Naira to 1 GBP
  • Access Bank Euro Rate – 355 EUR
  • – Access bank Indian rupees – 7.50 Naira to 1 INR

Ecobank Bank 

  • EcoBank Dollar exchange rate ( PTA ) – 360 Naira to 1 USD
  • EcoBank Pounds exchange rate ( PTA ) – 472 Naira to 1 GBP
  • EcoBank Euro exchange rate ( PTA ) – 407 Naira to 1 EUR

First City Momnument Bank 

  • FCMB Exchange rate Dollar to Naira ( Online ) – 380 Naira to 1 USD

First Bank of Nigeria PLC.

  • First bank Nigeria dollar exchange rate – — Naira to 1 USD
  • First bank Nigeria CAD exchange rate – — Naira to 1 USD

GTBank Exchange Rate

  • GTbank dollar exchange rate – 390 Naira to 1 USD
  • GTbank Pounds exchange rate – 502 Naira to 1 gbp
  • GTbank Euro exchange rate – 420 naira to 1 EUR
  • GTbank CAD exchange rate – 290 Naira to 1 CAD
  • GTbank Ugx exchange rate – 10.8 Naira to Ugx
  • GTB MYR – 73 Naira to 1 MYR
  • GTB Ghana Cedis – – Naira to 1 GHS
  • GTB Russian Ruble – 5.4 Naira to 1 RUB
  • GTB Indian Rupee – 6.07 Naira to 1 INR
  • 90 to 1 Try

Stanbic Ibtc Bank Exchange Rate

  • Stanbic ibtc bank Dollar exchange rate ( PTA ) – 360 Naira to 1 USD
  • Indian Rupee 5.9 Naira to 1 INR
  • Zar – 34 Naira to 1 ZAR


  • Standard Chartered Dollar exchange rate – 406- Naira to 1 USD

Skye Bank Exchange Rate

  • Skye bank dollar exchange rate – — Naira – 1 USD

United Bank of Africa

  • UBA bank Pounds exhcange rate – 393 Naira to 1 GBP
  • UBA bank dollar to naira exhcange rate – — Naira to 1 USD

Union Bank

  • UBN Dollars to Naira –  Naira to $1


  • Wema bank AED exchange rate – + Naira to 1 AED

Please Note: 

  • Some Nigerian banks do not allow foreign transactions on your naira ATM card, thats why we left some of the banks rate blank
  • We try our best to update this post with each change in each bank fx rate, buh there are times we don’t have the right information That’s why we use the + and ^ Sign

+ means the rate has slightly increased than the last rate
^ means higher or lower than the last rate

There you have it on ” Nigerian Bank Exchange Rate Today May 2017 “, share your thought and suggestions with us through the comment box and like us on facebook @ or follow us on twitter @ Thanks.


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  1. seems like diamond bank is the best way to go

  2. Can I receive Western Union from any bank in Nigeria?

  3. Can I receive Western Union from any bank without haven account with the bank?

    1. Yeah, you van receive moneygram money without having an account with the bank you use

  4. Hi sherif do you have an idea of how i can buy things online over $100 dollars with my GTB account, GTB max spending is $100

    1. Hello Wumi
      The only option you have is to open a gtb domiciliary account. This will give you the chance to spend alot more than $100 per month

      1. GTB will give you stress when you try to open a dorm account. You need to get referees who are current account holders. Except that is not a problem for you. Alternatively, walk into any UBA and request for Africard. It is dollar denominated card. Good thing is, depending on your spending limits, you may not need to open a UBA account to get the Africard and if you are lucky, you get the card instantly. I am a GTB fan, but that UBA option beats GTB handsdown.

  5. Please I would like to know the banks that allow international transactions on their debit card

    1. Gtb $100 dollar monthly limit, access bank $200 monthly limit

      1. Does First Bank allow international transactions on their debit card

  6. Please I would like to know if I can change my card’s Ipin at any ATM irrespective of the bank.

  7. Pls I would like to know if I can change my card’s Ipin at any ATM irrespective of the bank.

  8. hello people,i know some banks like gtb allow online payments on places like aliexpress but dont allow to fund a merchant like neteller. please, do anybody know any bank still allowing funding of neteller?

    1. acess bank do allow neteller funding, but it has to visa card

  9. What of UBA , what’s their current rate and I heard someone say their limit for the whole nigeria is $1000 per day, so I have to be awake by 12am to try, pls clarify for me

    1. Hello Skido, That information is not true

  10. Please if it’s not true. Can u give me the full details of online transaction rates and limits with UBA.

  11. Folashade Oritogun

    Do banks sell dollars to customers and what is the limit

    1. Yes they do, for those in need of PTA and Study pay. most banks sell at the rate of 360

  12. How does first bank account does dollar trade

    1. I would advice you visit any of their branch closer to you, There is access to tuition and PTA funds

  13. Please, does Skye Bank Naira Debit Card work for international transactions? If it does, does the N320/$ rate apply?

  14. Pls I bank with first bank now I can’t use my debit and credit cards in the states Pls what can I do and I want on line banking can I do it from u s. That’s

  15. from the list i think first bank is the way to go
    316 naira to 1 dollar

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